Quisenberry promoted to full-time boys’ and girls’ Athletic Director

Coach Chad Quisenberry has stepped down as head football coach in order to become full time Athletic Director for both the Warhorses and Arabians.
Coach Paul Gomez is taking over as head football coach.

Chad Quisenberry stepped down as head coach of the Devine Warhorse football program after 13 successful seasons to become the full-time Athletic Director for the boys’ and girls’ programs at Devine ISD. Scott Sostarich, Devine ISD Superintendent, talked to the DISD Board about making the appointment of Coach Quisenberry to the new role, and with their agreement, the decision became official.
After compiling a 116–36 record including 4 seasons with 10 or more victories, 9 District Championships, 7 Bi-District Championships, 4 Area Championships, and 1 Regional Final appearance, Quisenberry stated, “The time was right. It is an honor for me to hand the reigns over to Coach Paul Gomez who I know will continue the tradition of success that has been established. I am immensely proud of what my staff, our players, and I have accomplished here in Devine.”
The decision to become the full time Athletic Director was first addressed by Girl’s Athletic Director Terri Wells. According to Quisenberry, “Coach Wells approached me to see if that was an option I would consider, along with her becoming an Athletic Coordinator. As I listened throughout her proposal, I immediately viewed the potential change as a promotion with huge responsibilities. It is an opportunity for me to guide all sports, both high school and middle school, in the right direction. With the obligations and time involved that is associated with being an athletic director, it would be unfair for me to accept that position and to remain the head football coach. I want to watch all student/athletes compete in each of their sports which would have been impossible had I remained committed to football. I am excited about my new role. Although I will miss coaching football dearly, I look forward to being a bigger part of all school sports.”
Coach Quisenberry’s immediate and long-term plans, “I will continue to organize the off-season program. I expect the coaches to carry on their regular duties throughout the rest of the current school year. I don’t anticipate too many changes; I want the tradition to continue.”
Quisenberry first arrived in Devine in the Fall of 1994 alongside his former high school football coach and the incoming Warhorse head football coach at that time, Dean Bates. Quisenberry played quarterback for Coach Bates and graduated from Floydada High School in 1989. After graduating from Texas Tech, marrying his high school sweetheart, Kalli Hicks, and completing his student teaching at Floydada, he and Kalli packed their vehicles with their belongings for the 6 ½ hour relocation to South Texas. With little money and big dreams, Chad began his high school coaching career for Coach Bates and Devine ISD while Kalli continued pursuing her college degree at UTSA.
“Many coaches owe Coach Bates a ton of gratitude for the guidance that he provided and the trust that he instilled. Dean was a second father to me. I didn’t realize the amount of tough decisions he made until I became the person to make those types of decisions,” said Quisenberry regarding Bates as his mentor.
In Quisenberry’s 23-year tenure at DHS, he has coached football, basketball, baseball, and golf. He taught Dual Credit U.S. History until becoming the Head Football Coach/Boy’s AD in 2004. Since that time, he has hired numerous former Warhorse and Arabian players for teaching/coaching positions at their alma mater, knowing that once a Warhorse/Arabian, always a Warhorse/Arabian.
“Employing former Warhorses and Arabians reaffirms that our coaching staff strives to build positive relationships and make positive impact on young people’s lives. Many want to return to teach and coach in their hometown. They see it as their way to give back to the Devine community, which is well-respected.”
Becoming a head coach is easier than remaining a head coach, especially for a long period of time for the same school district. Devine has been blessed to hire coaches that stay for several years which enables the building of strong bonds between student/athlete and coach. “I have been fortunate to be able to work with the staff that I have been with for so long. Tenure sometimes depends on being able to beat your rival,” stated Quisenberry. “Everyone knows Hondo is Devine’s rival but many might not be aware that we have beaten them in football in 10 of the 13 seasons that we played, going 10 and 4 overall. That kind of success didn’t happen previously.”
More so than any other sport, football coaches are also judged on championships won. Devine has 23 District Championships in the school’s history with the first being accomplished in 1934. From the first title until 1994, a time spanning 60 years, Devine won a total of 11 district championships. Since ’94, the Warhorses have won 12 additional football district championships with 9 of those occurring directly under Quisenberry’s leadership.
“There isn’t one championship that stands out more than another,” said Quisenberry. “I am extremely proud of all of the current and past Warhorse players that put their football uniform on to represent Devine High School on a Friday night. We have made the state playoffs in 19 of my 23 years, including the last 15 seasons in a row.”
Coach Quisenberry and Kalli have two daughters. Baylee, 19, is a 2016 Devine graduate who currently plays basketball at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. Preslee, a 16-year old sophomore at Devine High School, is involved in basketball, tennis, and golf.

Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer