Pursuit ends, fire erupts on family ranch near Devine

Another stolen vehicle erupts in fire after a pursuit. Two subjects seen running from the vehicle are still at large.

When deputies spotted a stolen vehicle coming down I-35 this Monday, June 28, things quickly took a turn for the worse. The driver fled, exiting the interstate and went straight through fences and into a family ranch just south of Devine. The two suspects are still at-large.
After going through fences, trees, and then stuck buried in the sand, the vehicle erupted in fire, burning 10 acres.
The thick brush and deep sand kept volunteer firefighters on scene for about five hours that afternoon, building fire breaks and putting out hot spots, Chief Greg Atkinson said.
“Two subjects fled on foot from the vehicle according to a witness,” Sheriff Randy Brown stated. “We did an extensive search but they are still at-large, most likely picked up by their pilot vehicle. They usually always run IA’s with a second vehicle close by. Often, as we try to stop the suspect vehicle, the pilot vehicle will attempt to block us by trying to ram or wreck our vehicles.”
The incident occurred on the same day that 50 illegal immigrants were found dead in a tractor trailer on a back road not too far away, southwest of San Antonio. It’s being recorded as the deadliest human smuggling incident ever.
“I blame each senseless death on the White House,” Sheriff Brown commented. “Close the border, and stop the human trafficking. There is a process to enter a country, not hidden in a vehicle, or a trailer. These people are paying big money for a trip to paradise… then they are lied to, raped, assaulted, robed, and left to die. Yesterday day we had a pursuit with a female driver, who is 9 months pregnant. She is now charged with human trafficking, sad what people will do for money.”