Public meeting on jail, courthouse annex May 3

Not many April showers to speak of yet. Only got one tenth of an inch of rain Friday night but, we did get a couple inches of lightning and a handful of hail. Luckily, it was small stuff. If I’d leaned my rain gauge into the wind, I probly would have gotten a larger measurement.
The Preliminary Plat for the Sand Hurst Subdivision was approved and the roads are being cut as of last week. This Subdivision is located on the Southbound side of the IH 35 Access Road at the Weigh Station. It sits directly on the Medina/Frio County line and will be contained wholly within Medina County. There are 41 tracts of land that are 3+ acres in size.
I have met with the developer and discussed what, in my opinion, would be best for our area and would not be another “man camp” or trailer park. Nothing against trailer houses or manufactured homes or housing for oil field workers who need a place to live while that type of work is booming.
We approved a grant ($14,192 our part) to supply Sheriffs Deputies with body cameras. Although this is a benefit in most cases, it seems that it only adds to the accessories that have to be worn by officers in the field (gun, belt, ammunition, handcuffs, taser, radio, shoulder mic, etc). It also would give the wearer the disadvantage of possibly hesitating for a split second to decide whether his/her actions would be construed as inappropriate before continuing with their law enforcement actions. Randy’s call….
On Thursday, May 3 at 6 PM, we are going to have a public meeting at the County Building across from Tractor Supply to discuss the Jail addition and the Courthouse Annex. Judge Schuchart, Sheriff Brown and I will be there to address any issues and answer questions posed by those in attendance. Please try to make the meeting and listen to the presentation.
My apologies to the Great Oaks HOA for having it on the same night as their monthly meeting. I wanted to have it on a Thursday evening and not interfere with folks Friday night plans. I also wanted to have it before we got neck deep in the process. Jada Pittman is gonna be busy running between meetings that night….that oughta keep her outta trouble.
Since there was a leak in the roof of the Courthouse that just happened to be above the Judges seat, we approved going out for bids on roof repairs. Cheaper to provide an umbrella.
Congrats to Coach Cozby on his string of District Track Championships…need to go watch our local athletes compete in the Area Track Meet this week AND it’s here in Devine. Saw Henry Schmidt the other day…first time in 6-8 months. Guess Nell didn’t see him sneaking off. Only 227 days til Christmas and 111 for Willie Jo.