Private dumpster removal begins Sept. 3

On July 25, 2019 I sent Registered Letters to the three companies that provide dumpsters to residents in our area, letting them know that I would be removing them from the County right-of-way on September 1. I provided them with a list of addresses in violation and requested that the companies notify the customers. I have put this in several columns since then and called the companies with a reminder on August 21, 2019. The deadline is nearing to remove your private dumpsters from the County right-of-way.
I have heard all the reasons possible that folks use to justify their placement in the right-of-way but, none of the reasons hold water. Some residents have agreed to move the dumpsters within their property lines and avoid having them picked up. Again, Section 251.008 of the Texas Transportation Code reads that “A public road of any class MUST: (1) be clear of all obstructions.”
Since September 1st is a Sunday and September 2nd is Labor Day, we will not begin picking them up until around daylight on the morning of September 3rd.
By Jerry Beck