Pct. 1 Constable resigns

Hally louya! Got rain…3.3 inches over the weekend. Some got more, some got less but most everybody got some. Also managed to get my concrete poured and the field shredded before the rain set in. Many thanks to Tim Gunn, Malcolm Watson and Lance Honig, the concrete Conquistadores.
Had our Constable from Pct. 1, Don Berger, submit his letter of resignation last Thursday. Don has been in Law Enforcement for a loooong time and guess he decided it was time to devote his time to himself for the duration. He’ll be missed for sure. Now we gotta go through the application and selection process again.
All of the applicants will be qualified for the position but, only one of the folks applying for the position will think we made the right decision. John Barron also resigned from ESD#2, the Devine VFD.
Had some other junk on the agenda but, just regular approvals and contract renewals and Private Road assignments.
If anybody missed him, Albert Garza is back at work after cutting off part of his most used finger on his right hand. The bad part is, now he expects a little sympathy and I’m sure it’s there amongst the laughter. School is in full swing and we need to watch out for the kids.
Only 111 days till Christmas.