Paul Gengler, Devine Firefighter of the Month

Paul Gengler

As a small volunteer fire department, Devine Volunteer Fire and Rescue has to find creative ways to conserve money. With an operating budget of approximately $200,000 a year, a budget that wouldn’t even pay for the upkeep or maintenance on most of the apparatus at a larger paid department, DVFD needs to find ways to keep cost down while still maintaining its fleet of fire and rescue apparatus. So how does DVFD continue to not only operate but thrive? By its members’ dedication to excellence!
Just like this month’s firefighter of the month, New Assistant Fire Chief Paul Gengler. Assistant Chief Gengler has over 40 years of firefighting experience, as well as years of experience in leadership, development, and being a mentor. Starting his firefighting career in Andover, Minnesota, Assistant Chief Gengler has at some point been certified in his career as an Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter levels I & II, and Fire Officer. He also has obtained emergency vehicle operations certification, extraction certification, hazardous materials operations certification, and has thousands of hours operating in construction and problem solving.
Chief Greg Atkinson said “When I need a project done, Paul is the guy who can get it done. As our ranking senior member, Paul works everyone else under the table. He doesn’t quit till the job is finished. If Paul says he can get it done, regardless of the obstacles, you better believe Chief Gengler will get it done.”
“This month alone, Assistant Chief Gengler helped get a new brush truck ready for service, ran a crew to seal the roof on station 1, oversaw a new addition on station 2, made several rescue calls, and all while still working a 40 hour a week job, running Buffalo on his ranch, and being an active member of Devine Christian Church.”
Chief Atkinson went on to say, “Paul represents the best of Devine, he is a hard working, God fearing, family man, who is true to his word, and works until the job is done. As a department, we have teenagers to grandparents, men and women, from every walk of life. Paul listens to them all, teaches them all, and really represents what we are doing here at DVFD. We aren’t just a fire and rescue company. We are a family, a community; we are all Devine, and will do what it takes to protect Devine.”
Thank you to All of our volunteer firefighters, but this month a special thank you goes to Devine Volunteer Fire Department’s new Assistant Chief, and this month’s Firefighter of the Month: Paul Gengler.