Pastor Dan of First Baptist Church talks about his decision to share his fight with COVID-19

Editor’s note: In our view, Pastor Dan at First Baptist Church in Devine is a true hero for coming forward to let others know of exposure to COVID-19. It is a selfless act that will surely help to curb the spread, and others in contact can now seek care sooner and avoid further spread to their loved ones. We want to thank Pastor Dan, First Baptist, and Devine ISD for being proactive in letting the community know that they may have been exposed at the church or at the Strength and Training Camp.
The following was submitted by Pastor Dan Newburg, First Baptist Church of Devine:

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“I chose to share that I was personally infected with COVID-19 because Jesus taught that the great commandment was to love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind followed with loving your neighbor as yourself.”
“With this teaching central to my life, the most loving thing that I or anyone who is infected by this virus can do is make it known. What I must also make known is that my relationship with whoever passed the virus to me has not changed in any negative sense. There is an unfortunate stigma locally that has been associated with “the rona” that suggests that being infected is a matter of embarrassment or shame. To think this way is to reveal ignorance.”
“This virus does not discriminate between age, ethnicity, race, or sex. On the contrary, this virus shows us just how vulnerable we each are, and unfortunately, how unloving we can be towards our fellow man and woman. Sharing my positive test result with the public has in no doubt labeled my family and I with some, but it was said that greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. I consider everyone in this community a friend, whether I have met them or not, each worthy of being shown love no matter the personal sacrifice.”
“I tested out of precaution, not having any fever through this entire episode, and have been under Dr. Neel’s care. I have felt extreme fatigue, traditional allergy-like symptoms, and a persistent headache. I know that melatonin has tempered these symptoms while guarding me from worsening health. My symptoms were reduced rather quickly within a day or so. While I cannot reveal names of others, I have been in contact with a number of individuals taking melatonin with positive effects. ”
“This region should consider ourselves blessed to have Dr. Neel here. He is every bit of the type of doctor this world needs.”

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