One vehicle theft, two attempted thefts

We had 45 calls for service this past week and Captain Reyes handled 22 of those, he has been a busy fellow. Our officers conducted 68 traffic stops last week. Those stops resulted in 55 citations and 13 warnings.
Hold on for a quick rundown on reported crimes in Lytle. On Wednesday someone stole a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban from a residence on N. Pecan St. It hasn’t been recovered yet. Then sometime in the early morning hours on Friday May 4th unknown suspect(s) attempted to steal two vehicles. One on N. Benton and one on Blume Dr. In the Blume Dr. incident they left behind two batteries. We believe the same person was also responsible for taking a pair of prescription glasses out of a truck on Wisdom Road as well. We had two other reported crimes both at H.E.B. The C-Store reported a “beer run”; the guy took off with 3 cases of Budweiser. Maybe stacking it by the front door makes it a bit too enticing for those that struggle with thievery. The “big” store reported one of those expensive coolers and brisket were taken with a total value of around $200. On a happy note the Harley Davidson motorcycle that was taken on April 16 was recovered in Portland (Texas, not Maine or Oregon). The local cops tried to stop the guy and a pursuit ensued. The suspect was arrested and the motorcycle was recovered.
I don’t believe the “up-tick” in crime is related to the recent retirement of Officer J.W. Petrash but I am thinking about bringing him in for questioning.
Don’t forget to make plans to attend the city’s big fireworks display on Wednesday July 4! It’s by far our biggest most well attended annual event. If you are interested in our largest daily tourist draw I believe that would be the restrooms at the H.E.B. Convenience Store/Whataburger Complex. There is always a steady flow of traffic in and out of there. It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you are going, if you are in a fancy sports car or an old clunker everyone is welcome. It’s a perfect example of what makes our city great.