One person transported in hazmat incident at local gas station

One woman was transported to University Hospital this past Friday evening after a small amount of hydrochloric acid made it’s way into the atmosphere at a local gas station around 6 pm.
“A tractor trailer with a tanker hauling hydrochloric acid pulled into Love’s Truck Stop to refill diesel,” said Police Chief Gilbert Rodriguez. “For some unknown reason, the driver opened up a valve on the tanker, releasing fumes. Hydrochloric acid is what they were transporting in the tanker, and a small amount spilled out into the atmosphere when that valve was opened.”
One person who reportedly inhaled the fumes was transported to University Hospital.
“The person in the stall next to the tanker inhaled some of the fumes and became sick. She was transported to University Hospital. The store manager also walked outside and became ill, but ran back in quickly. EMS checked her out, but she was not transported. By 9 pm that evening, I was informed that the person who was transported was in stable condition.”
TECQ and the proper authorities were notified of the hazmat incident.