Old Iron Trail Ride May 19 in memory of Joyce “Ma” Haass

Douglas and Joyce Haass.

The ride will go on, just as “Ma” would have it! And more kids will have miracles granted, just as “Ma” would have it! The 13th Annual Old Iron Trail Ride will be hosted in Castroville this year on Saturday, May 19, 2018 in honor and memory of the beloved “Ma”, Joyce Noblitt Haass, who passed away a few weeks ago after a valiant 8 month fight with Guillain Barre. Joyce and her husband Douglas spent countless hours every year working on the trail ride, the awareness, the marketing, fundraising and organizing of the actual ride. Her family has been involved over the years, but is stepping it up and taking on the lead this year to make sure the tradition continues and several critically ill children are granted wishes, through Make-a-Wish. Of course “Pa”, Douglas Haass, is still in charge of the actual trade ride, while the kids and grandkids help make sure things keep rolling.
Anyone who knew Joyce Haass knows how passionate she was about her volunteer works, things being done right, accountability, and traditions being taught and passed on to the next generations.
“This is my first year of taking over the reins of the Old Iron Trail Ride. Many will remember how my mother, Joyce Haass, would talk about the ride to help raise funds and awareness,” said Cynthia Patterson. “She had told me for the last 3 or 4 years that it was time for me to start taking over some of the responsibilities of the Old Iron Trail Ride, but each year she would put if off. This past year when she got Guillain Barre in August, I knew I had to step in and start helping with the day to day activities of trail ride. And as soon as she was able to communicate again with us, you better believe she was the one letting me know just how she had done it in the past. Which was okay with me because for the past 12 years everything has been working really well if you look back at the success of the program. So the next couple of years were supposed to be transition years with my mother showing me exactly what she does and then me telling her what I think. But the good Lord had a different idea and she was called home. So since the Trail Ride was a true passion of mother’s and something she truly believed in, we will be driving in her memory this year at the Trail Ride. She spent countless hours working on it each year to make sure everything went just right. Now it is up to us to either sink or swim and I am choosing to swim! But her shoes are going to be impossible to fill.”
The Event
Entrants will gather at North Park Chevrolet on Highway 90 at 8 a.m. and the drive will begin between 8:30 and 9 a.m. This year the drive will be in memory of Joyce Haass, who spent countless hours working on it each year to make sure everything went just right.
Lunch, provided by Haass Customs and Safety Plus, will be served around noon at the Medina Valley Methodist Church in Castroville. Then the drive will make its way back to the dealership around 2 to 3 p.m.
Anyone can participate, so if you have a tractor, restored or not, new or old that can travel 8 to 10 miles an hour, come join the fun. Old cars, trucks, or ATV mules are also welcome as all of these vehicles are part of Farm History.
If you need additional information you can contact Cynthia Haass Patterson at 830-931-5402 or c.clpatterson1985@gmail.com or Cara Patterson Thomas at 210-232-0033 or carasene33@yahoo.com
You can also send donations to Old Iron Trail Ride, c/o Douglas Haass, 6035 State Hwy. 173 N., Devine, TX 78016. Help us make more wishes come true!
“My daughter Casey was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Large Cell Lymphoma on October 30, 2000 at the age of 10. In February 2001 she was granted a wish from Make-A-Wish and went to Disney World in Florida. My daughter passed away on November 11, 2003 at the age of 14,” said Cynthia Patterson.
“In 2005 my dad Douglas Haass was sitting at Dairy Queen talking about what he could do as a memorial for Casey. He and Ken Adlong came up with the idea of the Old Iron Trail Ride. Ken’s granddaughter, Krista, has also been granted a wish through Make-a-Wish when she was little. The first Old Iron Trail Ride was hosted in May of 2006 and raised $755.00.
“We are now in the 13th year of hosting the Old Iron Trail Ride and have granted 22 wishes to kids in Medina County and the surrounding areas through the generous donations from our communities. One hundred percent of the money raised goes to Make-a-Wish to provide critically ill children with a wish. Their wish does not have to be a trip; it could be almost anything that the child dreams up. Wishes have been granted for photography equipment, above ground swimming pools, basketball courts, swing sets and much more. Each wish will cost approximately $5,000, so that puts the money that the Old Iron Trail Ride has raised to date over $120,000. Which isn’t bad for two grandpa’s brain storming at the Dairy Queen!” said Patterson.
Tradition to continue
Joyce Haass’ shoes will be hard to fill but her family, the Adlong’s and friends are committed to making sure the tradition carries on. “We will continue to have the trail ride in the years to come,” said Patterson. “I will handle the bookwork and such with the help of my daughter Cara. My dad, Douglas, is still in charge of the actual ride. And as you know with older tractors and trucks there could be mechanical problems so that is where my brother Tony Haass and nephew Randolph come in. The lunch is left up to my nephew Ryan, niece Amie and her husband Anthony, (Haass Customs/ Safety Plus). My son-in-law Jerry is a Medina County Deputy so he will help with the traffic control. Then there is my husband Clay, he helps me with anything I need and also has the most important task on the trail ride, according to some people on the trail ride, of pulling the port-a-potty. So we can honestly say that this has gotten to be a family affair.”
Wishes to Grant
“With the continued support of the communities our goal is to keep granting wishes to kids in Medina County and the surrounding areas. If you know of someone that might be eligible for a wish please let us me know and I will pass their information to the appropriate people that make the decision on who is eligible for wishes, ” said Patterson.
Cynthia Haass Patterson, Devine, can be contacted at 830-931-5402.
By K.K. Calame