Officers receive certification

We had a few interesting calls this past week but nothing too “big time” (that is just the way we like it). Our officers handled 35 calls for service and conducted 35 traffic stops. The traffic stops resulted in citations on 23 stops while warnings were given on 12 of them.
We had a few property crimes so here is the low down on them: I responded to JD’s Small Engine Repair for a report of a “break in” last Tuesday. Someone pushed in the back door, it was dark so I guess they didn’t see the Beware of Dog sign. When they realized that they might be old Blackie’s “midnight snack” they opted to turn from their ways and left without any loot. Officer Lopez took a report of a theft of about $10 in candy from the Family Dollar, I guess this “candy bandit” guy didn’t get enough in his Easter basket so he wanted a refill. We also had a couple beer thefts at the H.E.B. C-Store, both on Friday. Two 12 packs were taken on the first event and a single adult beverage was slipped into a pocket on the second case. Captain Reyes and Cpl. Robison took a report of criminal mischief. A beer bottle was thrown at a SUV parked at a residence on Lytle-Somerset St. and caused the back window to be broken out. Just another senseless, random case where somebody made a poor decision and somebody else has to pay for it.
Last week Sgt. Hanson, Ofc. Guzman and Ofc. Lopez commuted to New Braunfels each day for training. I’m happy to report that they each received their basic police instructor’s certification. Capt. Reyes and Lt. Dear covered the overnight shifts and I have to say they still “got it.” Reyes did a ton of foot patrols and building checks. Lt. Dear was also very active and recovered a stolen motorcycle being driven by a guy with a felony warrant. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less since I molded them into the fine officers they are today. Wow, I am really good at using “I”.