None taken to jail

It’s seems like we are in a winter break, criminal activity is on the “low” side. A whopping 34 service calls were generated. Of those calls 5 were for vehicle unlocks and 3 involved traffic control for the two trail rides that passed through town. Only 21 traffic stops over the last 7 day period and 11 of those resulted in citations with the remaining 10 being warnings. We didn’t take anybody to jail this past week.
The big theft this week occurred on Cottage St. A tailgate was taken from a white 2010 Chevy Silverado; these tend to come in spurts. I guess somebody needed one and a thief came to Lytle to fill the order. One criminal mischief was reported, an unknown person’s vehicle must have “jumped” the curb and struck the wall of O’Reilly Auto Parts. Luckily there doesn’t appear to be much damage.
The most exciting call of the week was for a possibly intoxicated man attempting to use a Redbox vending machine at McDonald’s. He was gone by the time the officer arrived, that might have made a good story.
We took delivery of 8 rifle-resistant body armor vest; they will be paid for by a Governor’s Office grant and we hope we never need them. I haven’t owned my own business in 18 years and I still have a hard time getting use to that concept. We buy rifles, body armor, ammo, batons and all kinds of stuff and then we hope we never have to use them. I was in the pizza business and I never bought a case of pepperoni and hoped I wouldn’t need it. One thing that government services and the private sector have in common is the importance of customer service, I think sometimes we don’t focus on that enough.
Ofc. Luis Diaz, who has been with us for just over a year, has resigned to accept a position as an Atascosa Co. Deputy Sheriff. Once he completes his field training he will be working in the Lytle area. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to working with him in his new position. I can’t help but think I am the reason officers sometimes leave. After working around me a while they assume they won’t be able to attain my mental and physical skill level. This causes them frustration and they leave to avoid the self-imposed pressure. This is just a theory, but I’m sticking to it for now.