NHS and LHS seniors on the 60th Legacy Bowl meeting

This year I felt it would be neat to add comments from two seniors from both programs in reference to their thoughts on the annual Legacy Bowl Battle.
Hearing comments from coaches week in and week out is great, but at the end of the day it is our athletes who leave their blood, sweat and tears on the field and let’s see what these talented four seniors had to say about this year’s battle.
Lytle HS Seniors
#5 Senior WR/CB Logan Wilson
“Natalia is always a game that our seniors have marked on the calendar and to know this is our last game, we feel we have something to prove. This is our last chance to do it. This is the biggest game for this community.”
“I feel in terms of our team’s strength, we finally have senior leadership and we believe in each other. We have lacked this in previous years.”
“In terms of what needs to improve, I feel like we can improve on how we face adversity. We have a tendency to let it get the best of us.”
“What we need to do to win Friday night is match Natalia’s physicality. We know they will come out swinging and we have to swing back.”
#75 Lineman Robey Harold
“The Legacy Bowl has always been the most important game of the year for both communities. It is especially important that the seniors this year secure a win.
“To be successful vs. Natalia, I feel my team needs to put trust in our outstanding class of sophomores who have proven to be a valuable part of the team. There is nothing holding back my team from taking a win we have waited years for.”
Natalia HS Seniors
#88 Xavier Vasquez WR
“My main goal for my team this season is to go out and leave everything on the field every single week, because not everyone is as lucky as us to get to play football this fall.”
“This game means a lot to us, because it’s something that all Mustang Football athletes get to experience. It’s our responsibility to go out and represent our community just as the ones who have come before us. We can’t wait to do that on Friday night.”
“We need to go out and play Mustang Football in order to win. All in on every play like the last three years and secure that 6-PEAT!”
#42 Austin Guzman Defensive Line
“We are thankful to be out here playing and we understand how this is not a typical year, so we cherish every day as it could be our last. We have been adjusting to the different changes and guidelines and we are doing our uttermost to best comply with everything that comes our way.”
“Our main goal is to give our city something they can be proud of. The support our community gives us is one of the main reasons for our success. Now that it’s our senior year, we owe it to everyone that has played a role in our lives from NYFL to now and to everyone who has been a part of our program in the past. We also want to leave a great foundation for future athletes.”
“The culture behind the game is very important for us. We all grow up hearing about the game and we want to fill the shoes of those who came before us. We know our community takes pride in this game and its bragging rights for the entire year. The environment is truly special and we collectively take pride in being apart of our local history.”
“We really need to come out fast and it is important that we don’t have a complacent mindset. We know they have as much talent on their squad and they will give us everything they have. We have prepared a motto all season of “All gas, no brakes” and we have to exemplify this Friday night and attack the game. We expect to go out there with this mentality and play as if we are on the opposite end of the 4-0 sweep.”
The game is Friday Night, 7:30 p.m. at Mustang Stadium. Thanks to these four seniors for their thoughts on the season and the 60th battle between the Stangs and Pirates!
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer