New business alert! My Time Garden & Nursery Opening in Devine Sept. 15th

By Kayleen Holder
Miranda and George Weimer, of Devine, are excited to announce the opening of a new nursery in Devine opening this coming September 15. The new nursery will be unique in that it will focus on Texas native plants and trees, and especially those believed to have medicinal roots.

Miranda has worked in large garden centers and has been in the retail business for a total of 25 years. She has always dreamed of opening her own nursery.
“I have always enjoyed shopping mom and pop nurseries. You always find something cool and different and not ridiculously expensive, and that’s my goal here,” Mrs. Weimer said. “Speaking of that, one of my favorite things to show customers is my Popcorn plants, which smell like popcorn!”
“I kicked my chickens out of the chicken run and turned it into a green house, and I probably have over 500 plants now. There are rows and rows of plants. We carved out 4 acres for the nursery, but we are not using all of it yet,” Mrs. Weimers adds.
She is also excited to be able to get to know her customers and provide the kind of customer service she believes in.
“For years I have worked for a large company, and I’d have customers who wanted to stay and chat, but I always had to get back to work,” Mrs. Weimer said. “Now, I’m on MY TIME, and that’s how the business got its name. I love being able to chat and I learn a lot from my customers, especially the old-timers!”
“In fact, one of my customers is who told me about a great website called Foraging Texas, which talks all about plants that have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. A lot of them are plants we consider weeds, like dandelion for example. Virtex trees, Neem trees, Agarita, even Mesquite trees and Mesquite wood can be used for other things,” Mrs. Weimers said.
They will also carry fertilizers, pesticides, and gardening accessories.
She was all smiles as the talked about her opening, coming up soon.
“We’ve put a lot of hard work into it,” Mrs. Weimers said, “Growing plants is a lot of fun!”
The nursery is located at 2732 CR 5710 in Devine (just north of Calame Store).
See her ad weekly ads in the newspaper for more info.