Natalia Police Report June 27-July 2

June 27
9:08 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 N. about a white van driving recklessly and without headlights. Officer caught up with the van in Lytle at mile marker 133. Officer contacted the driver and found out the driver was just tired from working outside in the oil fields. Officer cleared the scene with no further action taken.
9:20 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. about a couch partially on the roadway, causing a traffic hazard. Officer removed the couch from the roadway, cleared the scene, and went back into service.
June 28
4:43 PM – Officer responded to Natalia High School about an alarm going off. Officer made location and noticed there were employees on the property and lights on in the janitorial room. No further action taken.
5:50 PM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. about a black Mazda sedan speeding and driving around other traffic on the shoulder, almost causing an accident. Officer monitored the area but was unable to locate the vehicle.
June 29
10:57 AM – Officer responded to IH-35 S. about a bus nearly causing an accident with an EMS unit. The Medina County Sheriff’s Office located the bus in Devine. Officer cleared the call and went back into service.
6:07 PM – Officer responded to Natalia PD about a civil matter/child custody. Officer contacted the complainant, who wanted to document that her ex-husband was not at the PD where they both agreed to meet for the child to be exchanged at 6:00 PM. The other party arrived at PD approximately 15 minutes after 6:00 PM. The officer had both parties meet at the PD and exchange their child. No further action taken.
9:20 PM – Officer received a telephone call from a female complainant about her baby’s father taking their 1-year-old son with him from Poteet. She wanted a welfare check on the child. Officer gathered information and went to the 600 block of Palfrey St. to check on the baby. The father was at home feeding the baby. The officer visited with the father for a while but didn’t see anything that would be considered dangerous or unfit. The officer left the scene and called the mother back to advise her of his discoveries.
June 30
10:45 AM – Officer received a call from a female complainant about filing a formal complaint on a male City of Natalia worker on a road rage incident that had taken place. Complainant claimed she is still getting harassed by the City worker. Officer collected all the information necessary and turned it over to the Chief for further investigation.
6:59 PM – Officer responded to the 800 block of Miller St. about an assault that had occurred. Officer made location and spoke to the victim, who told the officer his son wanted a set of keys for a tractor. The father would not give him the keys, and a fight ensued. The victim stated his son had dug his fingernail onto the top of his left hand, causing him pain and making him drop the key. The victim’s son grabbed the key and left the house with it without permission. Officer gathered all his information for the report and cleared the scene.
8:12 PM – Officer responded to the 2800 block of Hwy. 132 about a snake on the porch. Officer arrived on location and shot the snake before it bit the complainant or her dog. The snake was properly bagged and disposed of by the officer.
11:30 PM – Officer responded to the Little League field, where he assisted in setting up a landing zone along with the Natalia VFD. Air Life arrived and picked up a patient. Officer cleared the scene.
July 2
6:21 PM – Officers responded to the 200 block of CR 7723 about an out-of-control grass fire. Officers made location and secured the scene until Natalia VFD arrived on scene and extinguished the grass fire. Officers cleared the scene and went back on service.