Natalia Police Report July 15-21

July 15
6:04 PM – Officer spoke to a complainant at the Natalia Police Department about a conversation between him and his ex-wife. The complainant and ex-wife were having words about their daughter going to be baptized through another church, when the child was already baptized after birth in another church. The information was documented.
7:10 PM – Officer responded to FM 471 S. in LaCoste for a major head-on crash. DPS was on scene working the crash while the officer provided traffic control and later was dismissed after the roadway was clear.
July 17
11:28 PM – Officer responded to Dollar General for a front door motion. Officer arrived on scene and checked all doors and windows. All was secured; officer cleared the scene and went back in service.
July 18
7:14 PM – Officer responded to the 400 blk. of Aubrey St. because he complainant was upset he had to move out of his house. Officer advised him he was unable to assist him with his civil issue and needed to calm down and find another place to live.
July 21
11:28 AM – Officer spoke to complainant representing Pizza Hut in Devine. The complainant advised she went to deliver an order over $80.00 worth of food and an unknown female with two male subjects standing there also gave her a wrinkled-up $100 bill that was false (motion picture currency). The complainant took the money out of fear the two men would do something to her if she was to accuse the girl of the false money. The case is pending and ongoing at this time.
10:35 PM – Officer responded to the 800 blk. of Palfrey St. about a verbal disturbance. Officer arrived on scene and contacted the complainant and the officer was advised his mother has had serious medical and mental issues and has become violent with her current boyfriend. Officer spoke to both parties in question and both agreed to stop arguing and go to bed.