Natalia Police Report August 14-19

August 14
11:03 PM – Officer responded to Dollar General about an audible alarm. Officer checked the exterior of the building and front door. Everything was secured.
August 16
8:15 PM – Officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop about a private property crash. Officer contacted both drivers and explained the blue form to them and how to report their damages to the insurance companies.
August 17
11:50 AM – Officer responded to the 700 block of 4th St. about a welfare concern on some children. Officer spoke to the complainant, who advised his eight-year-old grandson and three other siblings were left at home, possibly without food. Officer went by and contacted the kids. CPS was called and advised it was a Priority 1 case. CPS responded to the residence later that day, and has taken the case. The case is ongoing.
6:30 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey St. about a disturbance. Officer spoke to the caller, who advised that he and his son were having an issue with some money missing from his safe. The caller stated that his son, mother, and father were the only ones who knew the combination to the safe. Officer advised the caller it was going to be a civil issue. The caller wanted his son given a criminal trespass. Officer needed the son’s driver’s license, but it was in his truck’s driver side visor. Officer walked over to retrieve the license and noticed a pistol in between the truck seats, as well as a rifle. Officer issued a trespass warning to the son and asked him about the guns. The son stated he bought the pistol from a friend. Officer ran the serial numbers on both weapons, and the Sig Sauger Mosquito .22 caliber came back stolen out of San Antonio. Officer spoke to the son’s friend who sold him the gun and asked him where he got it. The friend stated he bought the gun from a guy at the gun show off Loop 410 and Marbach Rd. He thought it was a good deal and paid $300 for it. Case is ongoing.
6:44 PM – Officer responded to the 400 block of Palfrey St. about a male subject trespassing onto the property. Officer arrived and contacted the violator, giving him a criminal trespass warning. The violator was asked to leave the property and not return. If caught on the property, he can be arrested and charged with trespassing, which is a Class B misdemeanor.
August 18
12:50 AM – Officer responded to CR 4700 and CR 4714 to assist DPS with an ATV rollover. Officer arrived and had one serious injury to his neck and gathered witness information for DPS trooper. EMS arrived on scene and assessed the patient for injuries. Airlife was dispatched to land at the Natalia baseball field, and the patient was flown to University Hospital for further medical evaluations.
7:56 AM – Officer responded to the 700 block of Pearson St. about a welfare check on an elderly woman. Officer made location and made contact with the elderly woman. She was fine and in good health and thanked the officer for checking on her. Officer asked the woman to call her friend, who was concerned about her.
8:04 PM – Officer received a phone call from complainant asked if the officer could check on his father. Officer got the father’s cell phone number and called him. Officer contacted the elderly man in the 600 block of Miller St. and asked if he was okay. The elderly man stated his daughter’s ex-boyfriend was looking for him to get to his daughter and grandkids. The ex-boyfriend was very abusive to the daughter, and the elderly man was afraid of him. Officer got the ex-boyfriend’s vehicle information and notified all officers to keep an eye out for it.
August 19
10:46 PM – Officer responded to assist Natalia VFD on eight grass fires on the southbound IH-35 access road. All fires were extinguished.