Natalia Police Report August 13-19

August 13
9:30 AM – Officer responded to the CR 6800 about an active disturbance in the County. Officer made contact with the suspect at the front gate. Officer stood by for a Deputy to arrive and then stood by as a cover unit.
4:44 PM – Officer responded to the intersection of Aubrey St. and 4th St. to assist EMS with an elderly with shortness of breath. The elderly was later transported to Southwest General Hospital for further medical evaluations.
August 14
2:45 AM – Officer responded to the 24000 block of State Hwy. 132, lot 26, about an active disturbance. Officers later arrived on scene and could hear yelling and screaming coming from inside the residence. Officers went inside the unlocked front door and encountered the couple in the hallway of the house. Officer after investigating the call the male subject was given a courtesy ride to Devine and dropped off for the night. No visible injuries were observed on either party. Officers later cleared the scene.
10:45 PM – Officer responded to the 800 block of 6th St. about a disturbance. Officer arrived on scene, to find the suspect had already fled the scene carrying a black backpack. The brother of the suspect stated his brother has a very bad drug habit and was holding a full length axe in his hand. The suspect harmed no one and took off prior to the police arrival.
August 15
3:02 PM – Officer responded to mile marker 130 on IH 35 southbound for a vehicle partially on the roadway and causing traffic to go around it. Officer arrived on scene and had a tow truck service (Friendly Glen’s) arrive later and remove the vehicle to their yard for safe keeping.
4:05 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of 7th St. to assist EMS on a call. EMS later arrived on scene and transported the sick patient to the hospital.
6:45 PM – Officer responded to FM 471 and IH 35 N about a crash that occurred on the Interstate. Officer arrived on location and contact the Ambulance driver and she state they were side swiped by another car at approximately Mile Marker 125 on IH 25 northbound. Officer requested for a Trooper, who later arrived and worked the crash.
August 16
4:58 PM – Officer responded to the 700 block of Palfrey St. to assist with an elderly sick man. EMS arrived on scene and after checking the man’s vitals he was told he was ok, but family members wanted him to be transported to a San Antonio hospital, but refused medical attention.
9:45 PM – Officer responded to the 800 block of Palfrey St. about a mover causing property damage to a house. Officer took all of the information from the mover and completed a report in case it goes to civil court.
August 19
8:44 PM – Officer responded to the 1800 block of State Hwy. 132 about a vehicle fire. Officer arrived on scene and conducted traffic control, until Natalia fire arrived on scene. Natalia fire arrived on scene and extinguished the fire making the White Ford F-150 a total loss. Officer later cleared the roadway and cleared the scene.