Natalia Police Report Aug. 19-24

Aug. 19
1:59 AM – Officer responded to the 300 blk. of 4th St. about a suspicious male on the church property. Officer arrived on scene and searched the church property and didn’t locate anyone.
10:16 AM – Officer responded to the 500 blk. of 6th St. about an elderly Hispanic male that passed away while under hospice care. Funeral arrangements were made by the family.
Aug. 21
12:15 AM – Officer responded to the 1500 blk. of CR 772 to assist the Medina County Sheriff’s Office on an active disturbance. Officer arrived on scene and observed a male subject on the ground with a deformed/broken right foot that occurred during the altercation. Sheriff’s office and EMS arrived on scene. Officer later cleared the scene.
10:01 PM – Officer went to the 900 blk. of Palfrey St. and with the assistance of the Medina County Sheriff, executed a felony warrant on a white female that had been committing fraud by way of lottery tickets and cashing them in once she stole them from the convenience store she once worked at. The female was later booked into the Medina County Jail.
Aug. 22
9:12 AM – Officer responded to IH-35 mile marker 130 to assist DPS on a traffic stop. Officer made the location and provided cover for the trooper. The trooper arrested the violator and the officer was later released from the scene.
Aug. 23
4:00 PM – Officer assisted the Medina County Sheriff’s Office on a burglary of a residence. A list of items taken was given to law enforcement. Officer went to the pawn shop in Lytle and did find some of the items were in fact pawned by a white male subject. The case is currently under investigation by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office.
Aug. 24
10:40 PM – Officer responded to the intersection of 4th St. and Palfrey St. on two suspicious subjects sitting in a vehicle in an open lot. Officer identified himself and then identified the two male subjects. After further investigation, the officer discovered two loaded weapons in the vehicle and a white plastic bag that contained what appeared to be methamphetamine inside a potato chip bag. Officer asked who owned the bag and neither one said it was theirs. They were both later arrested for the possession of a controlled substance.