Natalia Police Report

03/20-Minor Crash 10-50 – Officer on duty responded to a radio dispatch call regarding a minor accident involving two truck-tractors that took place in the back parking lot of Chubby’s Truck Stop. Upon arrival to the location the Officer took photos of the damaged trucks, provided drivers with a case number and had both two individuals exchange information

03/22-Canine-Animal Control – Officer on duty was speaking to a complainant when one of her dogs went under the squad car without the Officer’s knowledge. As the Officer concluded his business, he accidentally drove over the dog causing it injuries. The Officer made repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact animal the Hondo Animal Control Officer, meanwhile the complainant picked up the injured dog and carried the dog into her apartment in an effort to nurse the dog. The Officer on duty continued to make contact with Animal Control Officer and let the complainant know he would follow up on the dog health.
03/23-Public Service – Officer on duty arrived at the Little League event to assist with vehicle parking. Upon arrival, the Officer walked the prohibited parking areas along the fence line and does not observe any parking issues.
03/23- Welfare Concern – The Officer’s on duty were conducting a security check at the Love’s Travel when they noticed an individual sleeping next to a light pole along the entrance. The Officer’s made contact with the Love’s Manager who went with the Officer’s to advise the individual to leave the property. At this time the Officer asked the man for identification and the individual provided an Offender ID card and responded with incoherent statements. The Officers conducted check through MCSO dispatch which indicated a Bexar County for motion to revoke on a robbery charge. The Officer conducted a search and found several knives in the individual’s pocket along with several bags of personal belongings. The individual was then arrested and transported to the MCSO Jail for booking.
03/23- Animal Control – Officer on duty located an animal at large by the Little League Field during a routine patrol. The animal was restrained by the Officer and transported to the animal kennels so it could be feed and given water until the Hondo Animal Control Officer could make arrangements to transport the dog to Hondo.
03/24-Assist Citizen – The Officer on duty provided assistance to a citizen who had broken down on the roadway.
03/25-Animal Control – While making rounds at the City Kennels the Officer on duty was able to trap a brown dog that had been running loose.
03/25-Civil Matter – The Officer on duty was waved down while making routine rounds at the Little League Park by a female who stated she and her mother were having arguments about their living arrangements. The Officer informed the female that this issue was a Civil Matter that needed to be handled at the Hondo Courthouse.