Natalia Police Report

09/19-Crash 10-50 Minor – Officer on duty dispatched to a minor crash report. Upon arrival at the location no injuries were reported by either driver and information was exchanged.

09/19-Suspicious Circumstances – Officer on duty found an open door at a vacant rental property. The Officer conducted a security check of the area and rescued the property.
09/20-Burning – Officer on duty received a call from a city employee regarding an individual who was burning within the city limits. The Officer made contact with the resident who had already put out the fire when he realized he was not supposed to be burning.
09/21-Criminal Mischief – While patrolling the Officer on duty observed someone working on the El Tropiko building at a strange hour. The individual was identified as the property owner who stated he was making repairs to the building because it had been damaged by an unknown suspect two days prior.
09/22-Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle – Officer on duty stopped a driver of a stolen vehicle. The driver was identified, arrested and transported to the Medina County Jail for processing.
09/23-Traffic Hazard – Officer on duty responded to IH35 SB Frontage road for an 18 wheeler Mexico L.P vehicle blocking the IH35 SB entrance ramp. The vehicle had a blow out on the right rear tire. The driver’s decided to leave the area on one back tire against the recommendation not to do so by the Officer.
09/25-Welfare Concern – Officer on duty was dispatched to conduct a welfare check on a local resident.