Natalia Police Department March 14-19

March 14

3:27 PM – Officer was dispatched to the 2400 block of Hwy. 132 in reference to a disturbance. Officer made contact with the complainant, who advised her aunt from San Antonio went over to her house and dropped off their grandmother so she could take care of her. The complainant told her aunt she couldn’t take care of her due to excessive drinking and didn’t want that around her small children. The aunt screamed some profanities to her but retreated to her car to avoid conflict.
5:55 PM – Officer responded to the 600 block of Miller St. in reference to child welfare concern. Officer spoke to the complainant, who informed the officer that his niece had her small children walking around in animal feces and it was very filthy inside the house and there was possible narcotic activity while the children were there. Officer found out the incident was located in the Twin Lakes division and was referred to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office.
March 15
2:18 PM – Officer heard an alert tone go over the radio of a stabbing at the 500 block of W. Hondo Ave. in Devine. Officer arrived on scene and observed officer had the suspect in custody and placed in a marked patrol unit. Officer cleared the scene without further incident.
3:20 PM – Officer was called about a 2007 Chrysler vehicle possibly trying to sell a stolen welder to the caller, but the caller did not want it and decided to report the suspicious circumstances. Officer was informed the vehicle was leaving the Lytle area and headed over to Natalia. Officer set up on Hwy. 132 but was unable to locate the vehicle.
9:48 PM – Officer was dispatched to the 700 block of Palfrey St. in reference to wanted subject on property. Officer checked for warrants on a female who had an active warrant out of Medina County Sheriff’s Office. Officer transported her to the Natalia Police Department where a Medina County Deputy met with the Officer and took custody of the female and transported her to the Medina County Jail.
March 16
6:42 PM – Officer was dispatched to the Beverage Express located on Hwy. 132 in Natalia in reference to a possible robbery that may occur there. Officer spoke to the complainant and gathered all the information and informed the complainant the police department would be making frequent patrols.
March 18
8:10 PM – Officer was dispatched to CR 770 to assist the MCSO with a couple of vicious dogs trying to bite the neighbor on her property. The dog’s owner heard the complainant screaming, so he ran over and took control of his dogs, securing them on a leash back on his property. Officer explained that if the vicious dogs were to go back on her property, she could protect herself at all costs with whatever means necessary.
March 19
2:30 PM – Officer was dispatched to a fire in the 400 block of Bartlett St. Natalia VFD made location and later extinguished the fire, but not after it burned down a wooden storage building and scorched the residence adjacent to the building. Officer investigated the scene and spoke to neighbors, later finding out the fire was set by two of the grandchildren who were visiting from out of town. The two juveniles were taken to the Natalia Police Department and later released to their mother pending the investigation.