Natalia FCCLA blood drive Sept. 25

Continuing the tradition, the Natalia FCCLA will be sponsoring a Blood Drive at the Natalia High School Cafeteria on September 27th, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.
Last year the four (4) blood drives were extremely successful as the ISD and the community was able to collect 330 lifesaving blood units helping 990 people. This accomplishment earned the school 2nd place out of 82 schools in our division and 9th place for the highest percentage (%) of participation: 110%. They will be receiving a $350 award to be used by the FCCLA.
Please join us to help those in need – the Blood Bank is experiencing a severe shortage of blood because of Hurricane Harvey and the continuing need of 600 units daily to keep up with the demand from hospitals, cancer treatment centers and other medical facilities not only in San Antonio but all of South Texas. No amount of money can buy a life – but your blood can save a life!
Please call Ruby Vera at 830-665-9148 to sign up for a time.