Natalia City Council monthly reports

The following February monthly reports were provided to the Natalia City Council at the Regular meeting held Monday, March 20.
Police Report
The Natalia Police Department responded to 53 service calls in February, including 14 assist other agencies; five each for civil matters and suspicious vehicle/person/activity; four disturbance and theft of property, three assist the public; two each for accidents, City ordinance violations, Animal Control, and welfare checks; and one each for criminal trespass, harassment, possession of drug paraphernalia/drugs, fire, traffic hazard/complaint, warrant service, under the influence, burglary of a vehicle, and alarm.
There were 14 total traffic violations. These included six for speeding, two for no insurance, two disregarding stop signs, and one driving while license invalid. One warning was issued.
Municipal Court
Forty cases were on the Municipal Court docket in February. Included were 14 speeding charges, eight disregarding stop sign, five no driver’s license/failure to display driver’s license, three no insurance, two no seatbelt, and one each for criminal trespass, dogs running at large, failure to stop at designated point, open container, and defective light.
Twenty-four cases were completed. A total of $6,172.15 was collected, of which $1,860.19 was remitted to the State. The City kept the remaining $4,311.96.
Utility Director’s Report
According to Utility Director Art Smith’s field report, the City’s three Ford F-150 pickup trucks traveled a total of 3,523 miles, using 292.69 gallons of gas at a cost of $605.42. A GMC one-ton truck is not in daily use.
The City pumped a total of 7,273,130 gallons and 22.320 acre feet of water in February. The City is authorized to pump 326.667 acre feet, and has 280.643 acre feet remaining.

By Marly Davis
Staff Writer