Natalia City Council approves deal with AEP

The Natalia City Council approved a 30-year agreement with AEP granting the company access to maintain and operate power lines inside the City limits in exchange for franchise fees during the Regular meeting held on Monday, March 16.

The agreement usually brings the City anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 in franchise fees per month, depending on residents’ usage.

Moses Guerrero, a member of AEP’s forestry division, was on hand to address concerns about the possibility of palm trees being trimmed or removed entirely.

After assurances from Guerrero that removing trees was a rare occurrence, Council voted to approve the agreement.


Council extended City Administrator Lisa Hernandez’s contract until September 30, 2022.

Additionally, Police Chief Glenn Barrow was moved off of a probationary contract and given a three percent raise.

Water system

The tie-in of the new parts of the water distribution system are on hold indefinitely due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

When the tie-in does occur, it will require a complete shutdown of the water system that will likely last between three and four hours.

Residents may experience low water pressure from time to time as the system is tested.

Other business

Council approved $18,979 for the purchase of a sewer jetter from USA Bluebook.

Sewer jetters use high-pressure water jets to clear drain pipes and sewer systems of obstructions.

Council also approved $5,000 to enhance wastewater collection filtration at the Love’s lift station.

By Marly Davis

Staff Writer