Natalia City Administrator resigns

Natalia City Administrator Rene Hinojosa resigned during a Special City Council meeting on Monday, November 1.
Mayor Tommy Ortiz said Hinojosa was seeking other opportunities.
“Rene got more experience here as far as being a City Administrator goes,” Ortiz said. “He may be venturing to a larger city or even a private company.”
Ortiz said that Council plans to advertise the vacancy, but that Assistant City Secretary Nichole Bermea will handle City business in the meantime.
“Nikki Bermea can handle just about anything since she’s been with us for some time,” Ortiz said. “We know she can do it; she’s done it before. She’s got the experience to keep it going.”
Hinojosa had served as City Administrator since July 2020, taking over after the June resignation of former longtime City Administrator Lisa Hernandez.
The next Regular Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 15.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer

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