Natalia and Lytle Junior High participate in District 30-3A track meet

At the 30-3A Junior High Track Meet, Natalia and Lytle had four great track teams compete and bring home medals in multiple events. The teams competed against Jourdanton, Mary Harper, and Cotulla in Dilley, on Friday, March 29th.
In the 7th Grade Girls division Lytle brought home first place with 165 points. Jourdanton came in second with 160 points, followed by Cotulla 3rd with 144 points, Mary Harper 4th with 98 points and Natalia 5th with 39 points.
In 7th Grade Girls Calyssa Sevier of Lytle received 1st place with 44 points. Isabella Arce of Lytle was 8th with 20 points, and Alexis Flores of Lytle was 10th with 16 points.
100m Dash – 1st Calyssa Servier 13.75 Lytle and 2nd Amelia Martinez 14.20 Lytle.
200m Dash – 1st Blake Thomas 30.87 Jourdanton and 4th Trista Boucher 33.15 Natalia.
400m Dash – 1st Elisa Monila 1:15.19 Cotulla, 2nd Desiree Perez 1:16.56 Natalia, 3rd Fatima Montes 1:19.22 Lytle, and 6th A. Campbele 1:21.15 Lytle.
1600m Run – 1st Isabella Arce 6:34.39 Lytle, 2nd Samantha Mujica 3:38.05 Lytle, and 3rd Celeste Martinez 6:55.63 Lytle.
2400m Run – 1st Isabella Arce 10:20.00 Lytle.
100m Hurdles – 1st Kate Guzman 20.34 Cotulla and 4th Annabella Lopez 20.57 Lytle.
300m Hurdles – 1st Calyssa Sevier 50.84 Lytle, 3rd Annabella Lopez 59.13 Lytle, and 5th Katara Whitfield 1:06.00 Lytle.
4x100m Relay – 1st Cotulla 57.26, 2nd Lytle Brianna Paredes, Jessica Mata, Amelia Martinez, Calyssa Servier 58.02.00, and 4th Natalia Kocy Blanquiz, Skylene Gallegos, Trina Vera, Trista Boucher 1:00.21.
4x200m Relay – 1st Cotulla 2:04.83, 4th Natalia Daniela Padilla, Trina Vera, Destiny Rodriguez, Trista Boucher 2:19.32, and 5th Lytle Jessica Mata, Isabella Muraira, Jaelynn Medrano, A. Campbele 2:19.99.
4x400m Relay – 1st Jourdanton 5:00.31, 4th Lytle A. Campbele, Mya Villarreal, Paris Sanchez, Rylynn Null 5:40.38, and 5th Natalia Brianna Rizo, Desiree Perez, Destiny Rodriguez, Daniela Padilla 5:48.29.
Long Jump – 1st Calyssa Servier 14’3.5” Lytle and 5th Celeste Martinez 12’3” Lytle.
Shot Put – 1st Hailey Gorman 29’3.5” Jourdanton, 2nd Ysabella Diaz 37’4.5” Lytle, 3rd Alexis Flores 36’3.5” Lytle, 5th Janessa Ruiz 25’11” Natalia, and 6th Allie Ramirez 25’8.5” Natalia.
Discus – 1st Alexis Flores 70’6” Lytle, 2nd Andrea Aguilar 63’4” Lytle, and 4th Isabel Laque 60’4” Natalia.
Triple Jump – 1st Calyssa Servier 32’3.5” Lytle.
High Jump – 1st Blake Thomas 4’4” Jourdanton and 5th A. Campbele 4’0” Lytle.
In the 8th Grade Girls division Cotulla brought home first place with 150.5 points. Jourdanton came in second with 149 points, followed by Lytle 3rd with 149 points, Mary Harper 4th with 132.5 points and Natalia 5th with 30 points.
In the 8th Grade Girls McKinley West of Jourdanton won 1st with 35 points. Moriah Gomez of Lytle placed 6th with 22 points and Eisabel Guerrero and Nivea Sanchez both of Lytle tied for 10th with 20 points.
100m Dash – 1st Raeann Charo 12.35 Cotulla and 3rd Cadee Martinez 13.75 Lytle.
200m Dash – 1st Reyna Martel 29.33 Mary Harper and 6th Jasmine Riso 31.77 Natalia.
400m Dash – 1st Meia Meza 1:05.19 Mary Harper and 2nd Moriah Gomez 1:08.09 Lytle.
800m Run – 1st Meia Meza 2:34.02 Mary Harper, 4th Nevia Sanchez 3:00.84 Lytle and 5th Desmarie Ortiz 3:10.14 Lytle.
1600m Run – 1st Moriah Gomez 3:32.19 Lytle, 2nd Eisabel Guerrero 6:35.63 Lytle, and 3rd Nivea Sanchez 6:47.08 Lytle.
2400m Run – 1st Nivea Sanchez 10:56.00 Lytle.
100m Hurdles – 1st McKinley West 17.95 Jourdanton and 3rd Klarissa Martinez 19.14 Lytle.
300m Hurdles – 1st McKinley West 54.00 Jourdanton and 2nd Eisabel Guerrero 56.00 Lytle.
4x100m Relay – 1st Cotulla 53.00, 2nd Lytle Moriah Gomez, Marissa Lopez, Eisabel Guerrero, Cadee Martinez 54.25, and 4th Natalia Dominique Banda, Jocelyn Garcia, Myra Albarado, Alondra Rivera 1:00.00.
4x200m Relay – 1st Cotulla 1:57.13, 3rd Lytle Cadee Martinez, Marissa Lopez, Katelyn Rubal, Ilana Solis 2:04.57, and 4th Natalia Myra Albarado, Angelian Duenes, Alondra Rivera, Samantha Lopez 2”13.28.
4x400m Relay – 1st Jourdanton 4:37.64, 3rd Natalia Hailey Rizo, Jasmine Riso, Ava Sanchez Jocelyn Garcia 5:12.65, and 5th Lytle Alexandra Cabr., Zoey Torez, Jadyn Bohorquez, Yadhria Mendez 5:35.54.
Long Jump – 1st Allyse Leija 14’4.75” Cotulla and 2nd Katelyn Rubal 14’2.5” Lytle.
Shot Put – 1st Janae Galindo 36’0” Mary Harper, 2nd Natalie Pacheco 33’6” Lytle, 3rd Sarah Ytuarte 30’4” Lytle, and 6th Bree Criswell 26’9” Lytle.
Discus – 1st Janae Galindo 85’9.5” Mary Harper, 2nd Natalie Pacheco 80’2” Lytle, and 6th Marina Billalobos 61’1” Natalia.
Triple Jump – 1st Marissa Lopez 29’11” Lytle and 4th Katelyn Rubal 28’5.5” Lytle
High Jump – 1st Kirby McNeill 4’6” Jourdanton and 4th Morgan Walker 4’4” Lytle.
In the 7th Grade Boys division Mary Harper brought home first place with 200 points. Lytle came in second with 129 points, followed by Cotulla 3rd with 109 points, Jourdanton 4th with 107 points and Natalia 5th with 50 points.
In 7th Grade Boys Jesus Partida of Cotulla received 1st place with 35 points and Paul Zapata of Natalia was 8th with 20 points.
100m Dash – 1st Jesus Partida 12.58 Cotulla, 4th Simon Garcia 13.14 Natalia, and 6th Ivan Rodriguez 13.26 Lytle.
400m Dash – 1st Devin Garcia 1:05.65 Cotulla, 2nd Adriel Ayala 1:05.78 Lytle, and 4th Amadeus Trejo 1:09.71 Lytle.
800m Run – 1st Abel Sanchez 2:32.57 Lytle, 2nd Paul Zapata 2:34.57 Natalia, 3rd Adriel Ayala 2:38.53 Lytle, and 6th Stephan Grigsby 2:43.38 Lytle.
1600m Run – 1st Anthony Guerra 5:39.79 Mary Harper, 2nd Rudy Cepeda 5:40.40 Lytle, and 5th Gabriel Alcorta 6:21.47 Lytle.
2400m Run – 1st Anthony Guerra 8:55.00 Mary Harper, 5th Brandon Obando 9:59.00 Lytle, and 6th Gabriel Alcorta 10:01.00 Lytle.
4x100m Relay – 1st Mary Harper 51.65, 2nd Natalia Simon Garcia, Rene Velasquez, Luis Buentello, Paul Zapata 52.78, and 4th Lytle Rudy Cepeda, Christain Renteria, Able Sanchez, Ivan Rodriguez 53.18.
4x200m Relay – 1st Jourdanton 1:54.44 and 2nd Lytle Rudy Cepeda, Stephan Grigsby, Christian Renteria, Ivan Rodriguez 1:55.69.
4x400m Relay – 1st Cotulla 4:28.46, 4th Lytle Abel Sanchez, Stephen Grigsby, Christian Renteria, Adriel Ayala 4:35-95, and 5th Natalia Logan Chapa, Landon Woosley, Aiden Tristian, Justin Cureil 5:21.97.
Long Jump – 1st Jesus Partida 16’1.5”, 2nd Paul Zapata 15’6.5” Natalia, and 4th Able Sanchez 15’0” Lytle.
Shot Put – 1st Mario Diaz 35‘9” Lytle, 4th Jacob Guevara 30’8.5” Lytle, and 6th Gerardo Colchado 29’4.5” Natalia.
Discus – 1st Jacob Guevara 97’1” Lytle, 2nd Steven Saldana 94’2” Natalia, 5th Ronnie Jimmy 89’3.5” Lytle, and 6th Nathaniel Miller 82’0” Lytle.
Triple Jump – 1st D. Guerra 31’11.75” Jourdanton, 3rd Rudy Cepeda 31’10.5” Lytle, 4th Aiden Martinez 28’11” Lytle, and 5th Adriel Ayala 28’4.5” Lytle.
High Jump – 1st Ethan Santos 4’8” Mary Harper and 6th Abel Sanchez 4’0” Lytle.
Pole Vault – 1st Rudy Cepeda 7’2” Lytle.
In the 8th Grade Boys division Lytle brought home first place with 247 points. Natalia came in second with 110 points, followed by Cotulla 3rd with 102 points, Mary Harper 4th with 78 points and Jourdanton 5th with 77 points.
In 8th Grade Boys Andres Cardenas and David Silva, both of Lytle received 1st place with 36 points each. Followed by Kevin Ray Gutierrez of Natalia 3rd place with 28 points, Gianni Rios of Natalia 5th with 25 points, Deven Caldera of Lytle 6th with 24 points, Malaki Castro of Lytle 7th with 22 points, David Arreguin of Lytle 9th with 20 points, and Eli Vega of Lytle 10th with 18 points.
100m Dash – 1st Kennedy Gutierrez 11.94 Natalia, 3rd Eli Vega 12.51 Lytle, and 4th David Arreguin 12.58 Lytle.
200m Dash – 1st Thallan Olivarri 25.40 Cotulla, 2nd Andres Cardenas 26.52 Lytle, and 3rd Deven Caldera 26.56 Lytle.
400m Dash – 1st David Silva 1:00.64 Lytle, 2nd Aleczavier Ybarra 1:01.43 Lytle, 3rd David Arreguin 1:01.52.Lytle, and 4th Joshua San Miguel 1:04.52 Natalia.
800m Run – 1st David Silva 2:20.19 Lytle, 3rd Mateo Salinas 2:35.75 Lytle, and 4th Luciano Mireles 2:38.08 Lytle .
1600m Run – 1st Esai Lozano 5:02.20 Mary Harper, 3rd Robert Wagner 5:31.33 Lytle, and 5th Luciano Mireles 6:07.83 Lytle.
2400m Run – 1st Esai Lozano 8:37.00 Mary Harper, 2nd Robert Wagner 8:45.00 Lytle, and 6th Angel Vasquez 10:23.00 Lytle.
110m Hurdles – 1st Gianni Rios 18.32 Natalia, 3rd Donovan Cortez 20.14 Lytle, and 6th Justin Evans 21.40 Lytle.
300m Hurdles – 1st Gianni Rios 48.26 Natalia , 4th Donovan Cortez 54.09 Lytle, 5th Anthony 54.27 Natalia, and 6th Justin Evans 54.88 Lytle.
4x100m Relay – 1st Natalia Brandon Adkins, Elijah Banda, Daniel Tristian, Kevin Ray Gutierrez 46.83
2nd Lytle Devin Caldera, Andres Cardenas, Malaki Castro, Eli Vega 48.52.
4x200m Relay – 1st Natalia Kevin Ray Gutierrez, Elijah Banda, Daniel Tristan, Brandon Adkins 1:38.01 and 2nd Lytle Collin Aldridge, David Arreguin, Malaki Castro, Devin Caldera 1:44.52.
4x400m Relay – 1st Natalia Brandon Adkins, Elijah Banda, Daniel Tristan, Gianni Rios 3:56.72 and 2nd Lytle Aleczavier Ybarra, Andres Cardenas, Malaki Castro, David Silva 4:09.89.
Long Jump – 1st Andres Cardenas 18’4” Lytle, 2nd Kevin Ray Gutierrez 18’2.75” Natalia, 3rd Deven Caldera 17’1.25” Lytle, and 6th Elijah Banda 16’5” Natalia.
Shot Put – 1st Damien Harrison 37’10” Cotulla, 3rd David Arreguin 37’6.5” Lytle, and 6th Dustin Cruz 33’1” Natalia .
Discus – 1st Alexander Medina 18’5” Lytle, 5th Dustin Cruz 106’3” Natalia, and 6th Joseph Araujo 98’0.5” Lytle.
Triple Jump – 1st Andres Cardenas 36’11.25” Lytle, 3rd David Silva 35’0.25” Lytle, 4th Deven Caldera 34’8.5” Lytle, and 6th Brandon Jasso 30’11.5” Natalia.
High Jump – 1st Malaki Castro 5’2” Lytle, 2nd Eli Vega 5’0” Lytle, and 3rd David Silva 4’10” Lytle.
Pole Vault – 1st Collin Aldridge 8’8” Lytle, 2nd 8’4” Conner Martin 8’4” Lytle, 4th Conner Redding 7’6” Lytle, and 6th Austin Sutton 7’6” Natalia .