03-04-2024 – Welfare concern – On duty Officers responded to a call for an intoxicated individual possibly armed with a knife walking the streets, officers arrived and located the individual, no weapons were found. Individual was transported to a facility in San Antonio for treatment.

03-05-2024 – Assist other agency – On duty officer was requested to assist medical and fire dept with a combative patient, officer arrived and patient was transported to San Antonio for further treatment.
03-07-2024 – Theft – On duty officer responded to the Love’s Truck Stop for a theft report, officer arrived and swiftly handled the call, all parties were satisfied with the outcome.
03-08-2024 – Minor crash – On duty Officer responded to a minor crash on the IH-35 NB entrance ramp at the FM 471 bridge, Officer arrived and assisted Texas DPS Trooper with cover and support
03-09-2024 – Theft – On duty officer responded to a call for theft at the Chubby’s Truck Stop, the ECM was stolen from a driver as he slept in his 18 wheeler. Officer took the report and provided the victim with a case number.
03-10-2024 – Suspicious Circumstances – On duty officer responded to a call for a house that was left unsecured with all the lights on, officer cleared and secured the house.