Mustang XC advances to Regional with 3rd place District finish; Noah Gilkey runner-up

The Natalia Mustang Cross Country team qualified for Regional with a third place team finish. Their 78 points edged out non-qualifying fourth place Poth who had 82.
Noah Gilkey won the silver medal with his second place, 17-flat finish. Gilkey came in second to champion Wyatt Hoover of Poth who ran 16:17.
Devin Chapa, Logan Chapa, Joseph Gonzalez, and Daniel Tristan all contributed to the 78-point effort. Devin came in at fourteen, while his brother Logan was fifteenth. Gonzalez came in at 22nd and Tristan was 25th. Denton Nelson also competed on the third place squad and came in 33rd overall.
The Mustangs now prepare to run at Regional in Corpus on Monday, October 25.
Team rankings
1st Lytle 37, 2nd Dilley 76, 3rd Natalia 78, 4th Poth 82, 5th Poteet 126, 6th Jourdanton 135, 7th Karnes City 142.
Top 16 +
1st Wyatt Hoover-Poth 16:17, 2nd Noah Gilkey-Natalia 17:00, 3rd Jose Cortez-Lytle 17:46, 4th Anthony Guerra-Dilley 18:05, 5th Israel Andrade-Lytle 18:35, 6th Edgardo Ramos-Dilley 18:45, 7th Nicholas Perales-Karnes City 18:53, 8th Abel Sanchez-Lytle 18:56, 9th Eduardo Lopez-Poteet 19:01, 10th Brandon Obando-Lytle 19:01, 11th Jared Aguinaga-Lytle 19:05, 12th Joe Martinez-Poth 19:21, 13th Johnny Rey Alvarez-Lytle 19:31, 14th Devin Chapa-Natalia 19:37, 15th Logan Chapa-Natalia 19:50, 16th Abraham Rodriguez-Dilley 19:54, 22nd Joseph Gonzalez-Natalia 20:36, 25th Daniel Tristan-Natalia 20:59, 33rd Denton Nelson-Natalia 22:09.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer

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