Mustang powerlifters set for Region 5 meet

Records are made to be broken and that is just what the Natalia Mustang Powerlifting team is determined to do this coming Friday.
The boys in blue have a record nine athletes that have qualified for the Region 5 Division 3 Powerlifting Meet set for Saturday in Bishop with two alternates set to attend as well.
The Mustangs have their eyes set for the big prize and that is their third regional title.
“We are really excited about the opportunity that awaits us this weekend and we have put in a lot of hard work and effort to prepare for the meet,” Coach Ilyan Martinez said.
The following is a preview of each of the nine athletes that are set to compete in the eyes of Coach Ilyan Martinez.
132 lb. weight class
Manny Padilla, Junior
“Manny will lead our team with experience not only competing at the highest level, but as a former regional and state champion. His success boils down to a few simple factors: Self discipline, heart and a relentless attitude. He is a competitor who knows what he wants, makes a plan to go get it and always follows through and we expect nothing less from him this year.”
Best Lifts: Squat-455, Bench Press-235, Deadlift-465
Ryan Juarez, Junior
“Ryan’s hard work has been consistent this season and it’s clearly paying off with a big opportunity to contribute to a team win.”
Best Lifts: Squat-385, Bench Press-200, Deadlift-400
Evy Curiel, Sophomore-Alternate
Best Lifts: Squat-340, Bench-170, Deadlift-365
148 lb. weight class
Diego Zapata, Sophomore
“This is Diego’s second year committed to the program and he came in this season ready to go to work. We look for him to have an impact on Friday and help our team secure a regional championship.”
Best Lifts: Squat-430, Bench Press-210, Deadlift-440
181 lb. weight class
Joel Rios, Junior
“Joel was able to qualify at the 12th spot and we are excited about the gains he has shown. He’ll have to go 9 for 9 and find a way to score points for the team.”
Best Lifts: Squat-430, Bench Press-240, Deadlift-495
198 lb. weight class
Mike Martinez, Sophomore
“Mike has done a great job all year rising to the occasion. Friday will be a huge opportunity for this sophomore attending his first ever regional meet. He’s positioned to make a big push and help our team secure a victory.”
Chance Lamb, Senior-Alternate
Best Lifts: Squat-450, Bench Press-270, Deadlift-510
242 lb. weight class
Uriel Arellano, Sophomore
“Uriel is another young lifter we are excited to see what he can do at the meet on Friday. He has an opportunity to finish top-5 and help our team achieve it’s goal of regional champions.”
Best Lifts: Squat-505, Bench Press-345, Deadlift-475
275 lb. weight class
Oscar Ramirez, Senior
“Oscar is attending his 3rd regional meet in his career. We’ll need this senior to be big for us if we are going to repeat and reach our goal.”
Best Lifts: Squat-275, Bench Press-350, Deadlift-495
Peter Billalobos, Sophomore
“Paul is attending his first regional meet and has done a great job all year of putting up big numbers to put himself in this position. We’ll need another great showing for him to get the job done.”
Best Lifts: Squat-615, Bench Press-295, Deadlift-485
Super Heavy Weight Class
Victor Cruz, Senior
“After missing a big opportunity this year, Vic came back this season and rededicated himself with a clear vision.”
Best Lifts: Squat-530, Bench Press-360, Deadlift-545.
The Region 5 Division 3 Meet will be held this coming Friday at Bishop High School in Bishop, Texas which is located just outside of Kingsville. If you get an opportunity, be sure to make the trip to the Coastal Bend and cheer on the boys in blue!
By Eric Smith