Tucker’s Halloween costume came in ahead of time, and he put it on right away. It’s a T-Rex costume of course—for our “tiny terrorsaurus” as my husband affectionately calls him.
I often gawk at the prices of Halloween costumes. They cost a fortune and kids only wear it that one night, usually. But I have a feeling we’re gonna get our money’s worth of this T-Rex costume! The first thing he did on Saturday morning is put it back on. His eyes popped open with the sunrise and he said —“I’ve gotta get my T-Rex feet on…biiiiiig feet to stomp around.”
He must have dreamed about it all night. There was a lot of roaring going on around my house, throughout the day.
I know mothers of little country boys often worry about finding slimy frogs or snakes in their son’s pockets, especially after a long day’s adventure. But I don’t have to worry much on that—my son is all-dino. I find plenty of reptiles stashed in Tucker’s pockets but they are all extinct.
Today I found a pterodactyl in Tucker’s pocket. If you ask me, that pterodactyl beak seems a little sharp and pokey to be a pocket-friendly pet, but I guess it’s better than something slimy and alive.
What do I know anyways? I’m just the Mommysaurus.