Mom, mom, mom, moooom

Yesterday I made a nice big bowl full of yummy cake (for the baby inside me–not for me), and as I plopped my pregnant butt down on the couch, the bowl bounced off the arm rest and flew to the floor. I was so sad, but when I leaned over to pick it up, I saw it actually landed right side up somehow, some way…That kind of thing will just make a lazy, hungry pregnant lady’s day!
My daughter and I had a Girl’s Movie Night this weekend when my husband went on an overnight fishing trip. We watched two movies, one was a musical, and A’Dell went back to her room mid-movie to put on her own song and dance show as the movie went on. Then we watched that movie called Nine Lives, where a father gets trapped inside a cat’s body as he goes into a coma. At the end of the movie, it’s a little suspenseful as to whether or not the dad is going to live or not, and so right before bed, here came the water works. A’Dell started missing her daddy who was at Choke Canyon, and she just started bawling her eyes out, poor thing. We called him once, and we called him twice, and I’m pretty sure Daniel would have started crying too if he would have been able to hear his baby girl’s pitiful little voice saying “Daddy, I just want to hug you so bad, so I am hugging the phone because I can’t hug you. I miss you daddy.” But I doubt he could make out what her little voice was trying to say as she whimpered.
It was sweet and sad all at once. She’s just like me. I used to do the same thing anytime I saw a movie where someone loses their mom or dad, I would instantly start freaking out. It stinks to be a cry baby, but there’s something beautiful about loving your mom and dad so much though.
As I got ready for bed last night, I stood there typing on my phone, sending myself a reminder email for the next day. My impatient little daughter started hassling me to hurry up, so we could read our bedtime story, and I responded to her, “Hold on, I’m emailing myself.” That sure confused the heck out of her. She started laughing instantly and couldn’t help but investigate, “Wait, mom, you’re emailing YOURSELF? Messaging YOURSELF? Why would you do that?”
I guess she hasn’t noticed how forgetful I am. It made me feel a little old, but it was so funny, looking into her bright little eyes that always sparkle when she smiles as she laughed so whole-heartedly.
I was going to finish this column, but suddenly, you-know-who has all kinds interesting, silly, urgent little things she needs to tell me about the Barbie doll game she has going on….something about how she’s make a doggie door for her Barbie’s pet dog (no wonder it’s urgent). Every time I start to write all I can hear is…and MOM, and mom, and mom, mom, mom, but mom….