Mission Devine celebrates 13th year of service to the community

Mission Devine volunteers included Garrett Stricker, Louisa Garcia, Bernice Verhuy, and Bryce Yanta. Also pictured is homeowner Maria.

Mission Devine started in 2005 and celebrated its 13th year of service to the community. Hundreds of volunteers, dozens of sponsors, and the support of a community is what makes what we do possible. We repaired roofs, built wheelchair ramps, remodeled bathrooms, trimmed trees, did yard work, replaced siding on homes, and many other miscellaneous jobs this year. We appreciate the sponsors, the volunteers, and the community support that makes the work of Mission Devine possible! People helping people. (That’s what I love about this event.)
Some of the original Mission Devine volunteers to come and be recognized were: Alvin Nixon, David Cooke, Ed Dougherty, Cliff Redus, Phyllis Redus, Emm Key, George Redus, Sr., George Redus, Jr., Robert Nixon, Peggy Casey, Pat West, Lucille Watson, Nathan Nentwich, George Wall, and Emily Davis. They were able to start this community service program with only a handful of volunteers and $200. What a wonderful start with an amazing legacy.
Some of the businesses that participated with us this year were the Williams Group who sent out a bunch of their employees and they worked ALL week on a huge house re-siding job; Alexander Insurance employees led by Chico Hines and David Bain spent a day with us working; Bowyer’s Tree Service was with us all week and were invaluable with the tree trimming and landscaping for the homeowners and Bo-Fessional Plumbing was helpful with our plumbing needs.