Medina Healthcare Systems earns TORCH Light Award

Judy Winkler, Medina Hospital Board member; Janice Simons, Medina Healthcare Chief Executive Officer; Billie Bell, RN, Chief Nursing Officer; Brant Couch, President of HealthSure; Dr. Dawn Mayo; Kevin Frosch, Medina Healthcare Chief Financial Officer; and Eric Boudinet, Business Development Manager at HealthSure.

Medina Healthcare System was presented with the TORCH Light Award at the annual conference of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) in Dallas last month. The award is sponsored by HealthSure, a risk consulting and insurance agency focused solely on the healthcare industry.
The award uses the following criteria for the award: the number of years participating in the TORCH Insurance Program, the number of policy lines, the overall loss ratio, and commitment to safety & risk management, as reported by the carrier.
Medina Healthcare System has participated in the TORCH Insurance Program since 2007.
The hospital had a low loss ratio risk, and was also recognized for its quality improvement program and community impact. “Medina Healthcare System is well deserving of this award. It has a track record of winning patient safety and quality awards, including the Texas Hospitals Quality Improvement Silver Award.,” said Brant Couch, President of HealthSure.