Medina County’s big subdivisions still growing

Two items on the Commissioner’s Court agenda dealt with what can only be called future growth of the County during their regular meeting on April 10, 2017.
One of the ‘biggies’ was the approval of an additional 114 lots in the Potranco Ranch Subdivision. This subdivision is located in Precinct #2 in the northern portion of the county. Commissioner Pct. #2 Larry Sittre stated, “I was in the subdivision over the weekend and it is unbelievable the traffic. People are driving through looking at the lots.” According to developers Unit 9 is also almost ready to have a master plan reviewed.
Precinct #1 is also seeing growth in the Summit Ridge Subdivision. Developers asked for and received approval on Units 3and 4. There are 48 lots in these units, averaging 2-5 acre sizes. Engineer Aaron Neuman stated there will be houses completed by the end of the year. Commissioner Precinct #1 Tim Neuman stated the work being done “looks beautiful.”
Approval to vacate and replat Tract 25 and a portion of Tract 26 in Wheeler, Kelly, Hagny Investment Company Subdivision located in Precinct #4 was granted. The plan is to replat and subdivide into four pieces for family members and then retain 16 acres.
A variance for one thousandth of an acre shortage was granted to the Farm Subdivision. The lot will be divided into two lots. One of the lots would be missing one thousandth of its area (43 square feet).
A resolution was signed authorizing the County Judge and Tax Assessor Collector to enter into a contract with the below listed entities to collect ad valorem taxes:
 City of Castroville
 City of Devine
 City of Hondo
 City of LaCoste
 City of Natalia
 Devine I.S.D.
 Hondo I.S.D.
 Medina Valley I.S.D.
 Natalia I.S.D.
 Medina County E.S.D.’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
 Utopia/Vanderpool Area ESD #1
 Medina County Precinct #2 Special Road
 Potranco Ranch PID
 Medina County Hospital District
 Medina County GWCD
 County FM Road District
Medina County has been collecting taxes for entities but the new delinquent tax firm asked that this resolution to be signed so that the collection would be formalized.
Jail Food Services
A Request for Proposal for a vendor for food service at the Jail was sent out several weeks ago. Two requests were submitted and accepted; long-time vendor Labatt and Five Star Correctional Food Services. Upon recommendation from the Sheriff the bid was awarded to Five Star. Although, both vendors came within a penny of the per meal price, Five Star provided more amenities.
Inmate Phone Service
Five proposals were submitted for Inmate Telephone Services. All were accepted but are several pages long and being reviewed.
Proposals were submitted by:
o NCIC Inmate Communications
o Securus Technologies
o Legacy Inmate Communications
o Synergy Telecom Service Company, Inc.
o IC Solutions Advanced Technology
Meeting cancelled
The May 29th meeting of Commissioner’s Court will fall on the Memorial Day holiday and thus be cancelled.
Three bids were received and accepted by one vendor for the purchase of a new or used 1-ton pickup for Precinct #3. The bids came from Cecil Atkinson Ford. One bid was awarded pending negotiations by Commissioner Precinct 2 David Lynch.
By Trina Williams
Staff Writer