Medina County: Covid-19 Pandemic claims 36 lives in last two months

Medina County reported its first Covid-19 case on March 17, 2020. The first local death to Covid in Medina County was reported April 8th. At that time, the pandemic had claimed 10,000 lives in other parts of the United States already.
As of now, in Medina County, we have lost a total of 144 community members to Covid since the pandemic began. As of now, 688,000 people have lost their lives to Covid-19 in the United States.
Medina County’s active COVID-19 case count on September 27 is 250. Sadly, we had 7 more deaths from COVID-19 reported last week, with 13 deaths being reported in the past two weeks.
There have been 36 fatalities reported since the beginning of August.
The 36 deaths reported in the past two months represent 1/4 of all deaths reported since the beginning of the pandemic, which hit our area approximately 1 and a half years ago. There is often a delay in reporting, especially during the surges experienced a couple of weeks ago, so officials say there is hope this trend will end soon.
“We are hoping very soon to see our numbers come down and follow the downward hospitalization trend. It is hard to believe so many people are still dying from this when we have so much vaccine,” stated Medina County Health Unit Director, Patricia Mechler.
As of August 2nd- 108 deaths total
As of August 30th- 128 deaths total
As of Sept 13th- 131 deaths total
As of Sept 27th- 144 deaths total
Vaccines are available locally at Crawford Pharmacy in Devine everyday during business hours.
“We have all three vaccinations on-hand, and we can do the Pfizer boosters as well,” said Mogul Nukala, lead pharmacist at Crawford Pharmacy in Devine. “These Pfizer Vaccine Boosters are recommended for those who got their last vaccine at least 6 months ago as antibodies are shown to be declining after that amount of time.”
No appointment is necessary.
Vaccines are also available at Lytle CVS. Currently about 55% of Medina County residents over 12 are vaccinated.