Lytle City Council hopes to get their new recycling center up and running by Oct. 21

Jourdanton has a recycling center already and have shared some ideas with the City of Lytle to help them understand how theirs works. Jourdanton has one big roll off dumpster at the recycling site in which all the recyclables that citizens bring in are placed together in the container. The items are comingled so it seems an easy process for someone to watch over on the days it is open with minimal training.

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Lytle designated every Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon to be the drop off day weekly. They would also open on every 1st and 3rd Saturdays.
Lytle would have a20 cubic yard open top container for the recyclables to be placed in. Only citizens of Lytle would be allowed to use it and must present a city bill upon arrival. The container would be picked up as needed. The contract with Waste Management allows for 12 pickups a year, or basically once a month on average. Anything over that would be an extra charge.
Basically the recycling center would be open 24 hours a month for drop offs.
It was decided that the center would be manned by a public works employee and or volunteers at first to see how it goes. If needed in the future the council could hire someone to take care of the center, but they voted to try using current employees and volunteers for now.
The center would be near the public works yard and their break room, but gates and some fencing will need to be put in place first and the containers delivered.
The City of Lytle and The Devine News will keep you informed on the progress and opening date.
New Auditor to be hired
The City of Lytle voted on September 14 to seek a new auditor after the current one opted out.
It is thought to take at least 60 days or more to get a new auditor interviewed, hired and on board to complete audits that need to be done for prior years.
Budget Calendar
A budget calendar will be created to help the city and council keep track of the timelines of contracts and their renewal dates and important business of the city so they can stay on top of things and to assist in meeting deadlines.

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