Lucky Duck Days

We spent a couple nights at the ranch with grandpa and grandma this weekend, and A’Dell developed a new favorite saying. She loves the ranch, so she was extremely optimistic all weekend. She skipped around most of the weekend talking about how she is “a lucky duck” for one reason or another…
“I found a sparkly rock…I sure am a lucky duck!”….. “I get to stay at the ranch again….I sure am a lucky duck”…. “I found this cool orange thing and it has the number 15 on it!…. I sure am a lucky duck!”
Don’t ask me why the number 15 is exciting to her, no real reason I don’t think. She’s just been feeling lucky all weekend, despite developing a bad cough that kept getting worse and worse over the weekend.
On Monday, the doctor said it actually sounds kind of like the bad “pertussis” cough, but she wasn’t sure, and didn’t seem too worried about it since A’Dell is already 7 years old now. Despite the coughing fits, she remains awfully optimistic. Her only disappointment is that she will miss a couple days of school as a precaution (just in case it is pertussis). No matter how bad the Lucky Duck’s cough gets, she wakes up bright and early asking “Can I go to school today mom? Can I please?”
That girl really loves her teacher!
Before we left the ranch one morning to head to the doctor, Grandpa got called into work unexpectedly. He was a little disappointed because he was looking forward to dove hunting that afternoon. But duty called, so he suited up in his old green uniform work shirt. On his way out the door, A’Dell piped up merrily and said, “Grandpa! You are a lucky duck! Know why?”
He wasn’t feeling too lucky at the moment, so we both looked at her with questions in our eyes, wondering what she’d say next.
“You’re such a lucky duck because you get to wear your favorite color green to work every day!” (Greens’ the color of his uniform.)
Out of the mouth of babes! I just about choked on my coffee, and we couldn’t help but smile at this great revelation.
Life is good when you’re a Lucky Duck! Remember to celebrate the little things (like getting to wear your favorite color to work) and consider yourself a Lucky Duck today! It’s awfully fun!