Low call volume

We only had 46 calls for service this past week, so the call volume was a little low. Officers filed 121 cases with municipal court and for the first time I can remember we didn’t unlock a single vehicle.
Capt. Reyes took a report of a Facebook scam where a person was told they were a sweepstakes winner, prior to figuring out it was a scam the victim provided personal identifying information. Please be careful out there in internet land, the scammers are always on the move and looking for a new opportunity.
A thief struck a residence on Blume Dr. on Friday. Sometime between 2:00 PM and 2:45 PM an unknown person, most likely driving a small car, went to the back porch of a residence and took approx. $550 worth of items. I’m sure the bandit thought he hit the jackpot, he got some power tools and to top it off he made off with a pack of smokes and a bottle of liquor. I suspect he will be telling his friends about that “haul” for some time to come. We also cited a couple females for shoplifting at H.E.B. They tried to make off with makeup, such a popular item for shoplifters. If these ladies were like me and accepted their natural beauty they wouldn’t be headed to municipal court. Those were our only two property crimes reported.
Officer Jose Guzman gets the “Officer of the Week” title for making three arrests. Two warrant arrests resulting from traffic stops. One was for DWI out of Medina Co. and the other was for domestic violence out of Bexar Co. The other was a narcotics arrest at Star Food Mart. The suspect was in possession of marijuana and meth. Lt. Dear and Ofc. Diaz closed out the week by arresting a father and son for Public Intoxication, the father also had a warrant out of Atascosa Co. for not showing up on a criminal trespass charge. They were both booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail. It’s nice to spend quality time with family.
On Saturday Mayor Mark Bowen threw out the first pitch of the season opener for Lytle’s Little League, I had the honors of catching it. It was a super great morning, hundreds of people turned out and they brought their kids to see the Mayor and me in action. I missed the first pitch, but we were allowed a “do over” and I caught that one. The Mayor and I make a good team, I’m surprised we haven’t been asked to be host for the Oscars or something along that lines. If you missed us at the little league season opener you can catch us in July at the Paws of Summer Animal Control Fund Raiser.
Are you looking for something to do this Saturday? Well come on down to city hall at 9:00 AM and participate in the Texas Trash-Off. You can help clean Lytle up and get our town ready for spring. Refreshments will be provided; in the past they have had donuts, tacos and orange juice so I always try to clean that up first. I guess you could just show up and get something to snack on and leave if you wanted (just don’t tell anybody you got the idea from me).