Local releases new book“Dream Warrior”BOOK SIGNING SATURDAY

Teresa Villarreal aka Reece Pierson (her pen name) will have her book signing at the VFW in Devine this Saturday, August 26 from 12-3pm.

Local author Teresa Villarreal is excited to release her second book, entitled “Dream Warrior.” She will have her book signing next week at the VFW in Devine, Texas on Saturday, August 26 from 12-3pm.
“I started writing this book in 2017 when my mother (Maria Teresa Soliz) was going through her first battle with cancer. She was my inspiration for the main character’s strength and perseverance in this book,” Villarreal said.
Completing and releasing this book was “bittersweet” she said, after helping her mother through her final battle with cancer.
“I read this book to my mother a million times until the story was completed in May of this year. I just lost her on June the 13th, but she was able to see its creation and completion, and I am happy to say that it is now officially published,” Villarreal said. “She was amazing and I know she is proud.”
BOOK SUMMARY: Alexandra Wolfe longed for a place to call home. Feeling displaced since the loss of her parents, she found peace through her friendship with her best friend and in the practice of martial arts. Plagued with memories of a long-forgotten past, she dreams of battling alongside a mysterious samurai warrior. Searching for answers, she believes her class trip to beautiful Japan will bring her one step closer to her beloved dream warrior. During a historical tour of an ancient temple, time travel will test her courage and unite her with the man of her dreams, Lord Keigetsu Okami. Feared and respected by his subjects and loyal warriors, he trusts no one but his only true friend and faithful retainer…so why does he feel drawn to her?
Sensing his mistrust, Alexandra must prove her worth and loyalty through grueling hardships that threaten her very existence. She must earn her place in his world and survive some of the most difficult trials in order to win his heart. Will her knowledge from the future help her survive the past? Can the seeds of love take root to bloom like exquisite, rose-colored petals from a cherry blossom tree? No matter the odds, Alexandra will stop at nothing to fight for his love… in this life or the next.
Many of you may have also enjoyed Villarreal’s first book “A Kiss for Charity”.
Both books are available on Amazon. Search for Reece Pierson and Dream Warrior.