Living with autism: Little man makes an extraordinary egg hunt for his BIG brothers

I want to share a story about our Easter this year. I have some pretty special boys in my life…my sons Glenn, now 21, Austin is 18, and Canton is 9. With Glenn and Austin being on the Autism Spectrum it is hard to go to events so many, many times we just stay home. Glenn has lived in a group home for a couple years now and we enjoy our time with him, especially holidays.
This Easter we were invited to a gathering, and I was so excited to go and spend some time with friends and family, but I knew I would need my Game Plan as anyone with a special needs family member knows there is no down time in public. Unfortunately my Game Plan didn’t last too long. We had to leave early…..
As we were leaving I felt sad that my little one, Canton, was going to miss out on all the egg hunting FUN and piñata. I told him “I’m sorry,” and he replied “It’s okay, Mom. I have a Plan!” …… He tells me that he is sad because he really wanted his brothers to have an EGG HUNT, and asked if I could stop at the store and he could run in and buy some things on our way home….
When we got home he goes straight to filling a bunch of Easter eggs with candy and of course a Prize Egg filled with money!! I asked “Do you want me to hide them so you can hunt too?”
He replied “No that’s okay, I want to do this for them.”
I stood out there with tears in my eyes, watching and listening first as Canton got all giggly about hiding eggs in hard spots and then to him all excited and yelling “this way” and “that way” as they were finding the EGGS.
I knew this day would come when I would see how Canton, who is much younger, would GET IT and UNDERSTAND how Autism is very different for his brothers. I am a Very PROUD MOMMY and I have one HECK OF A YOUNG MAN ON MY HANDS!!!!
Community Support Group for families with Disabilities
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By Brigid Howard
Devine, TX