Little Ghosts

Lots of the little cousins got together this weekend, and as expected it was lots of fun. The highlight of the evening was when I led the little boys on a mission to sneak up on the teenage girl cousins.
I had Luke, Cody, Lane, and Tucker all on their hands and knees sneaking up to tap on the outdoor windows of the cabin where the girls were. Then started howling “like ghosts” which actually sounded more like coyotes, but made it all the more hilarious.
There’s nothing quite like the good old-fashioned fun of boys sneaking up to scare the girls or vice versa. I have to admit, as their captain, I had just as much fun as they did army-crawling up the porch to tap on the windows and leading them in the ghostly howling.
Apparently, we sounded like really scary coyotes, cause we scared the living daylights out of the girls. But I think the girls forgave me since I bought them an enormous bag of junk food for their sleepover.
When my daughter was little I was focused on the make-overs and dress-up outfits and other girly fun at the sleepovers. But now that she’s a teenager, it’s my Tucky boy and his cousin comrades who have mama’s attention. So I guess I’ve officially transformed from mommy make-up artist, to mommy drill sergeant. I have to say sneaking up on the girls was even more fun than playing dress up.
Can’t wait ‘til the next sleepover! Until then I’ll be planning our next mission.