“Let’s play ball!” says Carmelo,

Carmelo is looking for his forever family.

Meet 7 year old Carmelo …. A few adjectives one could use to describe this young man would be; intelligent, energetic and kind seven-year-old. But most important, loving. He is one of many South Texas kiddos waiting and dreaming of a family and brothers and sisters to play with.
Carmelo really enjoys heading outdoors to take part in playing sports… especially when it comes to being on the diamond and playing baseball.
But after the game, when it’s time to eat, it is a tossup for top billing on the menu between BQQ or heading out to Cici’s for a pizza.
Carmelo is a creative and imaginative child, who enjoys working on puzzles, art projects, and coloring. Carmelo enjoys socializing and staying home, playing board games as Carmelo has become a very skilled game player.
When asked about what he is seeking to be his forever family, Carmelo simply says he hopes to find and become part of a loving and caring family. And if possible, he says he would like to have his own bedroom and siblings his age, who he can play with and share a mom and dad with.
For more information visit www.adoptchildren.org or call 1-800-233-3405.

Editor’s note: If you are interested in adopting, and want someone to help walk you through the process of inquiring about adopting you can reach out to representatives of private adoption agencies such as Lori Cox at 210-385-3818.