Let the cat out of the bag

Well, I let the cat out of the bag….and I’m not talking about spoiling secrets.
As I rushed out of the house last week, my cat ran in the door for the fourth time that morning. I had already thrown her out three times. I was in a hurry, so I said “fine!” and I left her in the house as we rushed off to school. When I arrived back home that afternoon, I came home to the sound of a squealing cat. She often whines, so I didn’t realize there was anything wrong at first. But when she didn’t come try to jump on the table and eat my food, I knew she must be stuck somewhere. As I looked for her, I found that the cat had knocked over several things, so I got madder and madder as I went. By following the sounds of her squeals, I eventually found her in our back bathroom…..and I busted out in laughter. She was wondering around my back bathroom with her head stuck in a paper donut bag, running into walls as she went round and round.
That’ll teach her to eat my donuts! It was a flimsy paper bag so it was porous enough for her to breathe and whine loud enough for me to hear her all the way across the house.
Funniest part is she couldn’t quite get to the last donut hole that must have been right at the tip of her nose as she wandered around regretting her decision to eat my donuts! She hasn’t eaten a donut since!