Lady Mustangs win fourth Power Lifting
Regional Championship, six qualify to State

The Natalia Lady Mustangs captured their fourth Regional Power Lifting Championship March 4th. Three lifters will be advancing to the State Meet to be hosted on March 16 in Frisco, Texas, Dominique Banda, Ashley Aguirre, Araceley Segovia, Jiselle Olivarez, Abigail Fulton , and Isabel Laque.
Senior Dominique Banda : State Qualifier 114lb Weight Class Squat – 285 Bench – 140 Dead – 255 Total – 680 Senior Dominique Banda earned herself a trip back to the state meet by placing 3rd in her weight class. In the past season, Dom suffered a back injury… she approached this year with one mission, to earn herself a trip back to the state meet. She did just that! We are excited for Dom and look forward to watching her compete in her final meet of her career.
Senior Jiselle Olivarez : State Qualifier 220lb Weight Class Squat – 500 Bench – 250 Dead – 395 Total – 1145 Senior Jiselle Olivarez punched her ticket to the state meet placing 1st in her weight class at the regional meet. This is the third year in a row that Jiselle has been a regional champion. Jiselle will look to earn her 3rd state title at the state meet in Frisco.

Natalia Lady Mustang Abigail Fulton 123lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Sophomore Abigail Fulton State Qualifier 123lb Weight Class Squat – 260 Bench – 135 Dead – 255 Total – 650 Sophomore Abigail Fulton earned a spot in the state meet by finishing 2nd in her weight class at the regional meet. Abigail competed very well but just fell short of the 1st place spot. This will be Abigail’s first me qualifying for the state meet.

Natalia Lady Mustang Ashley Aguirre 165lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Junior Isabel Laque, State Qualifier, 259 Weight Class
Freshman Ashley Aguirre, State Qualifier, 165 Weight Class. Freshman Ashley Aguirre came out strong her freshman year representing Natalia well. We will never forget when she was just a 7th grader and so eager to lift for us and just excited to be a part of it, now she is getting that opportunity! Ashley qualified for State in the 165s with a 330 Squat 140 bench and 325 deadlift finishing with a total of 795lbs. Ashley finished 2nd in her weight class and hit the qualifying total for state. We look forward to watching Ashley compete this Thursday at the state meet! 

Natalia Lady Mustang Araceley Segovia 198lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Junior Araceley Segovia, State Qualifier, 198 Weight Class. Junior Araceley Segovia had a great regional meet, returning home as a 198lb Regional Champion. Celey secured her title with a 465 squat, 165 bench and a 345 deadlift for a total of 975lbs. She has done a great job leading the way this season. Entering the state meet she is sitting 2nd in her weight class. We look forward to Thursday and the opportunity for her to go compete for a state title!
Senior Sam Lopez: 105lb Weight Class Squat – 215 Bench – 90 Dead – 185 Total – 490 Senior Samantha Lopez completed her power lifting career on Saturday at Regional, finishing 4th in her weight class. This was Sam’s first trip to regional and we’re excited she was able to place and earn herself a medal! Sam has been a huge part of our success this season, doing her part and placing in every meet to earn us team points. We are going to miss Sam and wish her the best of luck in her future!

Natalia Lady Mustang Isabel Laque 259+lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Senior Ava Sanchez : 114lb Weight Class Squat – 245 Bench – 1130 Dead – 250 Total – 625 Ava Sanchez competed in the final meet of her career finishing 5th place at the regional meet. This wasn’t an easy task as she faced a potential bomb out on bench. She showed us the true competitor she is and was able to complete her last and final attempt. We couldn’t be any more proud of her fight! Ava has been someone we are able to depend on, someone who always does her part and isn’t afraid to hold others accountable when needed. With Ava being a senior, we are going to miss her commitment and leadership in the weight room and in the classroom!

Natalia Lady Mustang Jiselle Gonzales 220lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.

Senior Rebekah Sanchez : 123lb Weight Class Squat – 240 Bench – 90 Dead – 250 Total – 580 Senior Rebekah Snachez completed her power lifting career on Saturday at Regional, finishing 6th in her weight class. Bekah just barely missed a medal by 5lbs! She has worked hard all season long helping lead the team as a senior. We are thankful for her commitment and leadership the last 4 years!
Senior Marina Billalobos: 181lb Weight Class Squat – 285 Bench – 130 Dead – 295 Total – 710 Senior Marina Billalobos completed her power lifting career on Saturday at the Regional Meet in Robstown, TX finishing 7th place. Marina had a great power lifting career, qualifying for regional two years in a row. We will miss Marina’s leadership and willingness to do whatever was best for the team!
Senior Valerie Saenz: 181lb Weight Class Squat – 290 Bench – 140 Dead – 260 Total – 690 Senior Valerie Saenz came out for her senior year. Having taken some me off, she did a great job competing this season and earning herself a trip to the regional meet where she placed 9th in her weight class. Val showed up on Saturday ready to compete and finished her career with a personal best in squat and dead lift. We will miss Val’s leadership and competiveness!
The chart features the rest of the Regional Championship team, all under classmen.

Natalia Lady Mustang Dominique Banda 114lb Weight Class STATE QUALIFIER.