Lady Mustangs team champs at home powerlifting meet; 5 win gold

The Lady Mustangs won their own powerlifting meet, keeping the team trophy in Natalia with 61 points. Cotulla was a distant runner-up with 48 points.
Five Lady Mustang lifters earned gold medals in their respective weight divisions as Meg Martinez, Jalisco Schorsch, Gabby Munoz, Jisselle Gonzales, and Rubiana Juarez each got first place.
Silver medal winners were Dominique Banda, Isabella Martinez, Angelica Padilla, and Jasmine Ramon while bronze went to Rebekah Sanchez and Marina Billalobos.
Team rankings
1st Natalia 61, 2nd Cotulla 48, 3rd Comal Canyon Lake 24, 4th Lytle 18, 5th San Antonio Southwest 14, 6th Dilley 13, 7th Hondo 7.
Lady Mustang results (Class-Place-Lifter-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
105lb-1st-Meg Martinez-270-180-235-685; 105lb-4th-Karianna Sanchez-145-85-205-435; 114lb-1st-Jalesca Schorsch-315-170-310-795; 114lb-2nd-Dominique Banda-260-130-245-635; 114lb-3rd-Ava Sanchez-245-110-235-590; 123lb-2nd-Isabella Martinez-250-150-260-660; 123lb-3rd-Rebekah Sanchez-255-85-255-595; 132lb-2nd-Angelina Padilla-295-160-285-740; 132lb-4th-Abigail Fulton-215-110-220-545; 146lb-5th-Kylee Spangler-240-140-250-630; 165lb-5th-Carla Covarrubias-165-205-110-230-545; 165lb-7th-Solia Tolbert-200-100-225-525; 181lb-1st-Gabby Munoz-445-210-375-1,030; 181lb-3rd-Marina Billalobos-270-115-265-650; 198ln-2nd-Jasmine Ramon-350-195-375-920; 198lb-4th-Araceley Segovia-375-125-330-830; 198lb-6th-Jovi Velasquez-200-110-240-550; 220lb-1st-Jisselle Gonzales-490-240-400-1,130; 259lb-5th-Isabel Laque-280-165-285-730; 259lb-7th-Olivia Velasquez-290-120-225-635; 259lb+-1st-Rubiana Juarez-350-180-300-830.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer