JV Warhorses split games with Stockdale, Ingram

The JV Warhorses are out of football and into basketball with fire. They have played Stockdale on November 21st and Ingram on November 23rd. Last night they played Marion. Led by Coach Evan Eads, the JV team is made up of Angel Espinosa, Noah Macias, Sage Cruz, Juan Billalobas, Rylan Mata, Isiah Marin, Chris Ortiz, Cody Trammel, Jacob Antu, and Maverick Carlos.
When they faced Stockdale, the Warhorses were just short of the win at 31-34. Shooting only 47% of their free throws, they know what they need to work on to win the game. “We played hard, but need to play smarter and rougher.” Coach Eads
Points: Espinosa 2, Cruz 1, Billalobos 15, Marin 5, Ortiz 8. Q1 8-13, Q2 17-22, Q3 22-27, Q4 31-34.
Monday morning against Ingram, the Warhorses were a different team. They played aggressive and fought for the ball. Shooting 67% of their free throw, the Warhorses only sent Ingram to the line 8 times. Winning their game 53-30, the team was ready to take every shot. “We played better. We need to continue to improve everyday.” Coach Eads
Points: Espinosa 2, Macias 3, Cruz 13, Billalobos 10, Mata 5, Ortiz 6, Trammel 12, Madrid 2. Q1 6-5, Q2 18-11, Q336-24, Q4 53-30.
Up next for the Warhorses is Stockdale on Dec. 1, Pearsall Dec. 4, and in Natalia Dec 8th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer