JV Arabians finish on top

Finishing 10-5 overall and 1-0 in district, the JV Arabians faced a season of struggles, canceled games, and yet overcame all of their obstacles. Led by Coach Hannah Thompson, this team of athletes proved they are ready for the next level next season.
When they faced Crystal City on January 15th, they took the game with full force. Winning 36-21, the JV Arabians moved to 9-5 overall and every player helped with the win. Andrea Rios had 2 points, Kelsie Dishman 9, McKayla Rivera 2, McKayla Schnotts 9, Liah Romero 5, Cameron Darby 1, Denise Contreras 8, and Lilly Shook and Alissa Zamora supported their team defensively. Q1 6-2, Q2 19-4, Q3 30-10, Q4 36-21. FTP 60%.
In their sole district game of the season, the Arabians beat the Bulldogs of Somerset 46-20. It was an aggressive game with both teams wanting the win. Making 100% of their free throws and holding Somerset to 6 or less points a quarter, the Arabians defense did the hard work like they practiced. Rios 8 points, Dishman 12, Schnotts 6, Joselyn Guarardo 7, Romero 6, and Contreras 7.
The JV Arabians will help their varsity team practice for playoffs and head into softball and track. Coach Thompson will be coaching track and preparing for next seasons cheer leaders.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer