“It’ll rain as soon as it gets dry enough”

Commissioner’s Comments by Jerry Beck Pct.4

I’m sure none of you have noticed but, it’s sure been dry and to quote the old Sage Rene Van Damme, “It’ll rain soon as it gets dry enough”. The brush fires in our area have been devastating to say the least.
If you are in a position to help with the volunteer efforts, please contact your local ESD and inquire. Same goes to helping with relief supplies…contact your local ESD. I am sure that they would appreciate anything that you could contribute. Many thanks to Heather Yanta and Andi Hearn for taking on this task. I have learned to stay outta these gals way…
I was asked the other day what we (Commissioners Court) could do to stop Subdivisions from springing up everywhere. The answer was not what this person wanted to hear. Basically, we can do nothing except have them conform to the Subdivision Rules and Regulations that we spent 7 years finalizing. The other solution is to convince the person selling the land for the Subdivision not to sell. That’s gonna be difficult. We have a few popping up in our area.
There is another truck stop being considered in Natalia at the intersection of IH 35 and FM 471. I do not believe that this location will take business away from Loves Truck Stop at the same location. There are plenty trucks to go around. I never count less than 100 northbound trucks between Lytle and Devine when I am headed southbound on IH 35.
We (should say the Sheriff) are getting closer to having a traffic enforcement unit available to monitor and enforce traffic laws on the county back roads…particularly the 18-wheeler trucks. We approved “No Thru Truck” signs and “Stop Signs” so that enforcement would stick in court. Don’t know when so, watch out.
Speaking of rain, I got one tenth of an inch of rain a couple of weeks ago…just enough to reach the first red line on my rain gauge. Don’t worry, soon as we start our road project, it will rain for weeks and the further along we are, the more rain we will get. You can help by washing your car, watering your lawn or start painting the outside of the house.
Found out yesterday that the lone finalist for the Marion ISD Superintendent position is a 1992 graduate of Devine High School and his wife was hired as Director of Health Services at Judson ISD. Prayers were answered. His parents are happy that there are only a couple more drives through Houston to visit. Good thing you don’t have to drive through Houston to get to Magnolia.
Pray for rain and for the people who suffered losses in the fires in our area.