In loving memory of John P. Curcio

Dec. 25, 1948 – Apr. 4, 2007

A heart of gold stopped breathing, two shining eyes at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only
takes the best.
So he put his arms around you, and whispered
come with me,
With tearful eyes we watched you, as we saw
you pass away.
Although we love you deeply, we could not
make you stay.
Every day we think of who you were, every
day we wish you were here.
Here with me, here with us.
I know you would say don’t grieve for me, for
now I am free.
I’m following the path God laid for me.
You took his hand when you heard him call,
And turned your back and left it all.
You couldn’t stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or play.
Your life was full and you savored much.
Good friends, good times, and a loved
one’s touch.
We miss your charm and your smile,
and we know we’ll never see you again, at
least not for a while.
We miss your presence and your hearty
your gentle touch and thoughtful deeds.
Your body, mind and spirit are at peace.
All of the troubles and worries you had,
they are finally released.
When I look at your pictures, I still cry millions of tears,
I just wish I could have kept you here until the end of all my years.
They say those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.
You may be out of sight, but never out of mind.
You are cherished in the hearts of those you left behind.
Although the years have passed, each day someone mentions your
Remembering your devotion to this community and activities you
We who loved you, sadly miss you, as it dawns another year.
Fond memories linger every day, and remembrance always keeps you

Missing you,
Your loving wife, Olga Curcio; Sandra Ramos, Chico Ramos, Kelly
Ramos, Isabel and Slade, Tiffany & John, Isaiah Hewtty, Erica &
Jaime Garza, Micah Guajado & Aria Guajardo, Norma Valle &
family, Adrian & Gloria Valle & family, Abbie Mendoza & family,
Melissa Mendoza & Evette Martinez, Joshua Mendoza, Daniel Lee
Mendoza & family, Monica Chavaria & family, Courtney Kingery
and Shawn Kingery